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Conversation chair, used chairs, used printed leather, Curtain,Fence


All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By PaulSalet&Workingbert

Paul Salet and Workingbert design and work together and individually.

They are both inspired by worn out and found material which is leading in their design of furniture, wall covering, curtains and fabrics.

At DDW2018 we present wall covering, curtains and furniture designed to connect old, worn out material in a new, intimate,exclusive atmosphere.

Our main work is called CONVERSATIONS, it invites to sit down and talk. Made out of used chairs and used leather we create conversations between newly created materials and forms, conversations between users to connect about design and life and between us as designers.

As Paul Salet carves the existing chairs into a new life, Workingbert as print designer experiments with new print techniques on old leather.

Paul Salet

As a free artist Paul Salet (1956) is working all his life with used materials, wood and found objects. In 2015 he started a series of chairs, named Enough Chairs. These were existing pieces but seemed to have lost their value. That is the starting point for the sculptor to liberate a chair by carving and sculpturing within the boundaries of the original. The result is a light, but functional and strong piece of furniture, once again in touch with its origin, the forest.


Digital Tactility
Experiments in digital printing are leading in Workingbert's products. From the one-off wall design to the Ready to Wall collection ,Wall upholstery and Wall curtain collection, the possibility of colour refinement by digital printing in combination with the printed material always results in specific tactility. The printed surface should evolve into a new textile experience which will function well in different interiors.



sculpturing wood,working with old material