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All week in Design Perron by 9+1
This event is open for the public.

This exhibition is composed of multiple interactive pieces which invite the audience to experience and rediscover the beauty and novel function of traditional making technique from Japan, when met with new ideas and modern technology.

Yoichi Sakamoto

Graduated from Tokyo National University of the Arts and music
After worked at a Architecture office
Currently Belong to Rhizomatik Reserch

Nanami Nakamura

Design Resaercher, UI/UX Designer
Holding MSc IT Product Design from University of Southern Denmark. currently she is working for a design firm along with conducting research on design methods at the the University of Tokyo.

Taichiro Takamatsu

Haute Couture Design/Tailor

Ryo Shimizu

After graduating from Nagoya City University Graduate School of Design and Architecture, studied under Professor Kazuo Kawasaki, through the manufacturer's in-house designer, founded Balloon Inc.

Yuko sakamoto

Design Academy Eindhoven, 2011 Bachelor of Man and well-being. Working as a freelance.

Keiichi Osaku

Electronic Engineer for Amusement game machine.
Graduated from Master of Completion of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering, After worked at electronics design for amusement game machine.



9+1 is a creative collective based in Japan which goal is to create future possibilities of traditional craft. The story of 9+1 started from the “Kogei Hackathon”, an unconventional hackathon, where 9 creators met to imagine and create the future possibility of craft in Takaoka, Toyama. The team is diverse and multidisciplinary; an artists, scientist, fashion designer, product designer, traditional lacquerware craftsman, product planner and programmer came together to experiment the future potential of Japanese crafts in a modern context, with regard to advanced technology.

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