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Polder Verblijf

All week in VDMA by Willem van Doorn
This event is open for the public.

In order to turn the farm, formerly used for agricultural production, into place for cultural experimentation and collaboration, Willem van Doorn would like to invite other designers and artists to work with him on the farm and make new things inspired by the available free space and tools.

During the Dutch Design Week, together with different experts and designers, he is building in nine days, a guesthouse on the VDMA site in Eindhoven. Each two days of the DDW a different aspect of the building is addressed; the structure, its interior, the installations and the furnishing of the interior. Afterwards the guesthouse will be moved to the farm in De Kwakel.

The guesthouse, a freestanding hotelroom, will be built with readily available materials that are present on the farm and in the Polder surrounding the farm. Through the use of ordinary building materials t the flower industry, the guesthouse becomes specific to the place and at the same time finds a new expression through a collective effort and Willem van Doorns’ particular way of working.

Volharding Loont vof, W. van Doorn

Not only is there a separate reality outside, and many, inside each of us, since the advent of the knowledge society, ushered in by digital technologies, we have a third reality to deal with. We are constantly bombarded with information that seemingly controls our consciousness and alienates us from our direct environment. So with his practice, Willem van Doorn stimulates, almost as an antidote, a renewed and a more direct interaction between people, artefacts and their immediate surroundings.


Willem van Doorn works on the family owned farm ‘Volharding Loont’ (Perseverance Pays off) in the village De Kwakel, south of Amsterdam, in the middle of the flower industry surrounding Aalsmeer. This working environment with several workshops offers him freedom and inspiration for experimentation, production and collaboration.


Many of van Doorns’ designs gradually come to into being through making and testing scale models and 1:1 prototypes using as-found materials and applying them in an unconventional way. Van Doorn often collaborates with other experts to infuse his way of working with narrative concepts, knowledge of technical systems and an         understanding of natural processes.


Through his work Willem van Doorn challenges us to renew the way we see and how we act in our everyday environment in a playfully autonomous way by designing and making artefacts that are strangely familiar but    generate unusual situations. They point towards a different fulfilment of basic human needs through a self-sufficient, more trueful way of living.

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