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Seem by Aurore Brard

Inclusive design, SEEM and See-eat-through

All week in Klokgebouw | Hall 4 by Aurore Brard
A different price applies for this event (Klokgebouw entrance fees.).

Let’s redefine standards for a wider audience!


The studio is presenting two projects. SEEM, a visually appealing circuit breaker that is intuitive to anyone and See-eat-through an elegant set of tableware for all, including visually impaired people.

Why can’t circuit breakers be intuitive to use nor appealing to see?

Unlike other domestic products, circuit breakers are still very technical. Enclosed in their hard plastic cases, they are neither user-friendly nor aesthetically pleasing.

SEEM is designed to answer those issues. This new circuit breaker panel is an intuitive interface with simple communicative signals, graphics and structure, made accessible for anyone to understand and use.

For more information visit http://www.aurorebrard.com/seem/

If you were visually impaired, would you rather have to touch the spoilt picks of the fork or be able to intuitively recognize it by feeling the shape of the handle?

Could that even become an aesthetic feature for other people?

See-eat-through is an elegant tableware set for ordinary use that also enables visually impaired people to perceive the table objects and their functions more clearly.

To also see the plate, glass, carafe and the research of See-eat-through, visit http://www.aurorebrard.com/see-eat-through/

Aurore Brard is a social product designer based in Eindhoven. In her work, she strives to reduce the margins between diverse social groups and the norms.

For more information visit http://www.aurorebrard.com/

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