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Pathfinders' Felt Experience versus Disembodied Statistics

All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By New State of Matter

Gaspard Bos is a designer driven by societal issues and a love for technology. His latest works investigate the developments in machine learning (A.I.) and take a more critical, rather thansolutionist, approach to moral design.

The projectPathfinders, being presented atDutch Design Week, invites the visitors to generate anti-data (antidotes by means of anecdotes) as an answer to the anxieties that our present day risk-driven society projects upon prospective parents.

WithYour Personal Shopper is a Second-hand Robot(presented atBalance Unbalance 2018) he digitizes thrift stores and develops a machine with a fashion sense that picks out clothes for you. The idea behind it is that it’s ok if people enjoy a lot of clothes as long as they reuse them.

‘Kids’ or ‘no kids’? ‘Not’ or ‘not yet’? Come share your thoughts on the matter in an interactive wearable technology installation.

The millennial and late gen X generation live with an overflow of (mis)information which influences them in important life decisions. In this case, the choice to become a parent or not.The project tries to offer an antidote to the influence of (mis)information by means of anecdotal anti-data.

People dress up as pathfinders (translated into Dutch this means boy scouts or girl scouts) which is symbolic for how we take on certain roles in our relationships and society. This outfit initiates, reacts to and records people’s conversations in order to help all the next people wearing the outfit with the previous people’s insights. It uses a combination of microcontrollers, actuators and algorithms to do this.

For more info on how this project came about, see listen to recorded audio go to

To be sure to participate in this installation you should click on the registration link that will redirect you to a 'Doodle'. You will be able to choose a timeslot on one of the exhibition days.Otherwise; during regular opening hours only the output of the project will be available.

If you choose to participate in this installation, we will not process any of the personal information that you do not consent to disclose. Audio will be recorded for the purpose of making a broadcast that will be shared on the web. If you wish we can process the recording of your voice to be unrecognizable.

This installation is part of a shared exhibition of 3 designers; Gaspard Bos, Lilian van Daal and Julia Janssen, recipients of the Talent Development grant of the Creative Industries Fund NL.