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The Materialists X Leather

All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By The Materialists

The Materialists are a team of talented creatives whom through their projects, question and challenge the potentials of materials by playing with techniques, crafts and processes. We aim to find new and innovative ways to apply their findings in order to communicate their stories through the characteristics of materials, contributing in this way to fields going from crafts to industry.

The Materialists organise, curate and design shows around the theme of a specific material to show how designers challenge and reveal the potential of a same material. Our aim is not only to make things happen, but also to communicate about it and to share the possibilities that exist. Through this, it allows to widen the knowledge circle and the spreading of new ideas on how to deal with materiality, hence finding new solutions and ideas.

Luxury, craftsmanship, respect and traditions are among others synonymous of leather. Centuries of techniques and experiences have conveyed to this material its pride and dignity. Yet, with industrialisation, leather didn’t escape the metamorphosis that rumbled the production world. With the large scales of production and consumption came the problems of wastage, as for any other material, which signified both a loss of money and of valuable resources.

In this context, The Materialists tried to find new ways to reuse or recycle the industrial production’s leftovers. Starting from the factories’ wastages, eight designers dived into the possibilities of these devalued and emptied skins in order to raise new potentials for what was once a highly esteamed material. Drawing from their non-traditional and unorthodox ways of working, the designers proposed their own path to resolve the challenge, yet always with the colourful attitude specific to the Ducth design mentality. From the direct reuse of the lacy skins, to their reduction into a fine powder, the designers proposed eight views on how to deal with such devalued material in order to reveal its inherent potentials. As Lavoisier would phrase it, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

WooJai Lee

WooJai Lee is Korean - New Zealander designer based in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

He likes to work with different materials, experimenting and exploring their hidden potentials.

He works in both constructional and sculptural ways, mixing the qualities of the two to create unique style of works.

They are highly influenced by his interest in materials, craftsmanship, drawing and sculptures.

Roxane Lahidji

Roxane Lahidji is a designer specialised in material research and processing. She seeks a reconnection to fundamental materials in objects of our daily lives by developing her own transforming and moulding methods. In terms of design, her intuitive methodology associates concepts with material symbolics and consumption or usage habits, which defines a dwelling function and a final shaping.

Fascinated by precious surfaces and their story telling, she works in a constant research for meaning in patterns, textures and shades ; focusing on liquid and powdered substances she melts, mixes, fusions into solid objects.

With the deep concern of reconciliating production and sustainability, her design focuses on disregarded or cheap materials brought to a new life, while twisting low tech methods and traditional crafts techniques.

Roxane Lahidji was born in Paris in 1992 and grew up in the french capitale before studying illustration and product design in Strasbourg (HEAR). After her Bachelor ( with distinction), she pursued her research for new design values in Design Academy Eindhoven and graduated from the Social Design master department in june 2017.

Paohui Kao

Pao Hui Kao interests in different fields which can define her as a designer, researcher, artist, currently based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Her works shown great influences of innovated material, traditional crafts, social issue, ecorches. By making objects, sculptures and installations, her works emphasize on creating extraordinary aesthetics out of ordinary material and surrounding through continuous material experiments.

Pao Hui Kao expresses her peculiar viewpoint on contemporary issues such as uncanny of technology, appearance and functionality; furthermore, questioning and seeking the essence of things.

Soyoun Kim

Soyoun Kim is a Korean independent designer based in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Soyoun Kim defines himself as a designer who wanders around interdisciplinary area with storytelling and multi-media.

Seungbin Yang

Seungbin Yang is a young South Korean designer based in Netherlands.
He graduated Design Academy Eindhoven and he is showing his work in many places in Europe with his '21g' series and ‘Simulacre' series. Seungbin Yang is interested in making three dimensional objects and spaces which connects to human instincts.

Hyunjee Jung

Hyunjee Jung is a designer based on object and textile. She is interested in playing with different colors, forms and materials.

Agnieszka Mazur

I was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland in the times of political change, big contrasts and fast growing capitalism what left and imprint on me. I am drowned to the objects, textures, surfaces which are often considered as ugly or weird, as there is something more interesting and triggering in them for me in the first place. I approach design as a material researcher. I like to adopt a naive and curious perspective
when exploring materials, often using discarded ones and always working a lot with my hands. I unveil what is hidden and forgotten to escape from reality to which we are used. I seek the world which is more real then ideal products and objects we are normally surrounding ourselves with. I want to reveal that imperfect is stringing ties and touching us more because of its similarity to ourselves. I am looking for a poetry in the reality which can trigger our memory.

Nai-Dan Chang

Nai-Dan Chang focuses on the relationship between objects and daily scenarios. Through the intuition, it is important to make the bond between objects and people in a subtle way. Interaction is invisible but influencing our senses greatly. With an unusual sensitivity and wide-ranging skills, from material research, product design to conceptual design, she aims to improve the well-being of people in daily lives.

Nai-Dan graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven, Master of Art in Contextual Design in 2016. She was born and raised in Taiwan, now lives and works in the Netherlands.

The Materialists

WooJai Lee is Korean - New Zealander designer based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. He works with interest in the qualities of material and sculptural techniques.