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Composing with AI

Artificial Intelligence: Where Design, Art & Law collide?

Wed 23 oct at Van Abbemuseum | Downtown

When you compose a song or create a design by using AI, is it yours ?

If an algorithm helps you design a product or compose a song whose property is the result? New generative technology challenges the fundamentals of intellectual property law.
Come and experience what it means to design or compose with an AI.

The program starts with a ‘workshop’ where you as a visitor will have the opportunity to make your own design and music on a number of specifically prepared computers.
In the second part of the program we will investigate whether what you made is indeed yours.

Speakers from different fields will explain the working of AI algorithms in design and music composing and the use of generative tools in design. The program will be concluded by trying to oversee the legal questions and implications.

14:30: Walk-in
15:00: Workshop
15:30: Opening Jan Smits (TU/e)
15:35: Ir. Erwin Hoogerwood @DialecticDesign
16:00: Dr. Tijn Borghuis (TU/e & Musico)
16.25: Mr. Rogier de Vrey (CMS Advocaten)
16:50: Q&A
17:00: Drinks
18:00: End

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