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Creating vital workspaces

All week at Dynamo | Downtown By Koninklijke Ahrend

At Ahrend, we create inspiring, healthy, flexible and sustainable work environments. Vital places where people work, get together and can be the best version of themselves.

People are not made to work in offices. That is why we make vital and inspiring work environments. Places where people learn, share knowledge and work together.The result? Happy, healthy and talented employees.

With well designed products and the right technologies, we make work environments smarter and more personal. Get to know our newest creations in the area of vitality during the Dutch Design Week 2018!

  • WELL COLLECTION,a familiy of chairs that combines high quality, excellent comfort and unique design effortlessly.
  • Delta, a timeless and sustainable table that is multifunctional.
  • Loungescape Powernap, boosts your energy, allowing you to get back to work being alert, fresh and productive.
  • Flexbox Call, an acoustic phone booth that subdues environmental noise up until 48 decibel.
  • UNSwivel,a dynamic that truly facilitates every activity. For the first time shown at DDW 2018. A design by UNStudio/Ben van Berkel in cooperation with Ahrend.