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All week in Yksi by Le Guen Design Studio
This event is open for the public.

How to make the glass conductiv? That the question Le Guen Design Studio ask to the National School of Glass, France, during their artist residency. After several tests and trials the team composed by glassmakers, designer and LED lighting specialists challenged the glass material to include electrical wires into the blowing glass. The unprecedented techniques ultimately redefine the overall aesthetics of the lamps. The final design was inspired by Ctenophora (bioluminescent marine organisms).

The technique involves taking a gather of glass, attaching one or two metal wires to the blowpipe, and gathering it a second time before blowing. Blowing stretches the glass and creates glass walls inside the object. The incorporated metal serves as both an electrical circuit and structural element within the light fixture. Various techniques are used on the glass while hot to further enhance the lighting effects. The fixtures are lit by a high-brightness LED. Each piece evokes the aquatic world as it projects its own source of light. The shapes are created freehand. No two are alike because the outcome is unpredictable. Each piece in the series is therefore one of a kind.

Ctenophora lamps series, samples and video of the making process will be presented.

The pieces are available for sale. Email [email protected]

Le Guen Design Studio

Le Guen Design Studio designs objects and spaces with an approach that lies between conceptual design and product design.

Their work connects traditional craft and technology through a process of research and innovation.

Each project is a search for treasure, and a valuable opportunity for discovery in a given place through collaboration. The value of each project lies in its rarity, dreamy aesthetic and innovative nature.



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