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The biggest living room in the Netherlands

All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By Tellurico

In the context of Dutch Design Week 2018, design studio Tellurico has invited the collective Molto Molto Projects to co-curate the exhibition "The biggest living room in the Netherlands" in a special venue such the T´Karregat of Eindhoven.

"The biggest living room in the Netherlands"

Frank Van Klingeren´s multifunctional neighborhood centre was one of the most controversial buildings in the Netherlands. Now all but forgotten t-Karregat was built with the aim of creating and improving the relationships within the community. On a structural level, the complex is built around one element, the pillar, not only as a structure but as an element around which to gather and unite. Van Klingeren said ‘’ there would have to be a roof on a pillar and nothing else, they will be artificial trees, sculptures you could stand under. I can even see them all over Eindhoven as a symbol of more human society’’.

Organised by Tellurico and Molto Molto Projects “The biggest living room in the Netherlands” would explore the pillar as a concept, investigating it not only as a constructive element but also as a possible catalyser of relationships between people. The aim will be to make a heterogeneous understanding of the same element from the perspectives of different artists and designers generating a multiple reading and an exhibition intimately interwoven with the space. The original component of the column and its interpretations, whether literal or symbolic, will share the same space, creating a new but nevertheless natural situation to it: the column as an “umbrella” that embraces the different readings of itself.


  • Andrés Izquierdo
  • Anna Aagaard Jensen
  • Audrey Large
  • Elissa Lacoste
  • Javier Montoro
  • Marta Armengol
  • Studio Jephrïm
  • Studio La Cube
  • Tellurico


The relationship between craft and the environment is one with never ending ramifications. What binds the objects of one place to the characteristic of the place itself intertwines the historical, geological and social aspects of humanity as well as the uniqueness and simplicity of every-day life. Tellurico is an interdisciplinary design studio based in the Netherlands that investigates alternative solutions through the study of folklore, technologies and natural events applied to the contemporary society

Molto Molto Project

Based in Madrid and run by the artists and designers Andrés Izquierdo and Studio La Cube, Molto Molto Projects questions meaning and perception of objects and their relation to other aspects of reality such as space, language or society enwidening the boundaries of art, architecture, and design.

Marta Armengol

Marta Armengol is an architect formed in ETSAB of Barcelona, through various disciplines such architecture, design, installations, and sculpture, she plays with experimentation, and works in research and conceptualization of spaces and objects, using errors and material possibilities rather than searching for definitive solutions.
Marta has exhibited at Palais de Tokyo in 2015 and She is the co-founder of the Cierto Estudio, and member between 2015 and 2017. During this period the studio had different recognitions: Special Mention at Solvia Innova Prize 2014, Shortlisted at Solvia Innova Prize 2015, awarded with two Premis Ajac X 2016 in Unbuilt Work + Furniture and more recently, in 2017, with the First Prize for the Masterplan and construction of a social housing building in Plaça de les Glòries, Barcelona.

Audrey Large

Audrey Large (b.1994) is a French designer currently based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. She graduated with Cum laude from the Design Academy of Eindhoven, Ma Social design. Her fascination for the moving image and her early sensitivity to drawing pushed her in a design school environment to question the nature of objects, especially in their new digital dimension. It led her to the following statement: life is a VFX (visual e etc) movie in which objects are images and images are objects. Whether moving, 2d or 3d, she is an image maker. Intertwining lm making and animation techniques, her work uses digital image manipulation as potential creative tools to envision matter.

Stefanie Rittler

Stefanie Rittler is an activist Designer. She studied social design in the master course at Design Academy of Eindhoven at the schools of wood and design 2016 she founded her own design studio - Studio Jephrim.
Stefanie moves between the fine line of contemporary Art, design and craftsmanship. Her focus is on manual work with all kinds of materials, from small to large objects, always with a humorous and critical view of the world and how we deal with it. She's part of the architectural collective. constructLab and the Hamburger Collective hallo Festspiele.

Javier Montoro.

The Montoro practice is a comprised of a wide variety of languages and processes which coalesce in mixed media installations, sculptures, and paintings. In these, fragmented objects and images are juxtaposed and woven into a capricious web of encounters and discontinuities. Hinting at the eclecticism and inherent contradictions of the early modern curio collections, the aim is to recreate such spaces of confluence between nature and artifice, knowledge and superstition, the personal and the universal language, the familiar and the exotic

Andres Izquierdo

Born in 1993, based in Madrid.
At the threshold between art and design Andrés considers himself a sculptor working with objects, looking for the destruction of their formal meaning in order to give rise to new functional and habitable systems in the plane of abstraction.
His practice ranges from the production of domestic objects to architectural ones in which often mystical and metaphysical questions raised through the perception of light and space blend with earthly themes such as body and pleasure, rites and symbolism or apprehension and sexuality.

Studio La Cube

Studio La Cube is an art and design studio located in Madrid. The studio is run by Stefano Fusani, an Italian artist-designer and Clara Hernández, a Spanish cultural and art historian, who have united their different experiences and personal perspectives about art and design. Together they founded the studio in 2015 with the idea of experimenting with the form, the materials and the images of everyday objects. Studio La Cube works in the design field making limited or unique editions of handcrafted objects and furniture, made in their studio or in collaboration with local artisans. In the arts field, the studio has worked making installations aimed to research the relation between art, design and architecture in current contexts.

Anna Aagaard Jensen

Anna Aagaard Jensen, citizen of Denmark born in 1990, based in the Netherlands as a conceptual designer who questions everyday life and speculates about our future. Connecting research of human behavior, pop culture, history, and gender into paths that pose alternatives to contemporary society.

Elissa Lacoste

She graduated with a bachelor in design at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design of Saint-Etienne in 2015, and a master in Contextual design at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2018.
Hands-on and instinctive, her work ensues from her quest for a sense of wilderness and grotesque in the contemporary in order to find another material vibrancy. She seeks for the wild, the inexplicable and the sensorial. Her interest in allowing the matter to show its own face and shape itself leads her to unexpected results presenting an unconventional beauty, reflecting upon our relationship to our physical environment and nature.


Founded in 2017 Tellurico is an interdisciplinary design studio that investigates the relation between crafts and the environment through the artifacts created. The research of alternative solution through the study of folklore is one of its main elements