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NCS Colour Design Workshop at Broeinest

NCS Colour invites you to join our creative workshop where you will learn how to make colour combinations more easily & work with colours in practice.

Mon 21 Oct - Wed 23 Oct at Broeinest | Strijp-S

During this workshop we will work with the colour design process; from understanding a colour to learning how to work with colours in a context and make harmonising colour combinations. The tools and material that we will be using are our renowned NCS Colour Design tools.

Limited amount! Please note that there are a limited number of seats available for each workshop and that you have to register prior the event. You will receive a confirmation email following your request.

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NCS Colour AB

NCS Colour®© is a global provider of colour communication solutions. For over 40 years, NCS Colour has been revolutionizing the way the world communicates colour. Based on NCS - Natural Colour System®©, NCS Colour offers solutions to industries ranging from Automotive to Coatings, Interior Design and Architecture. Today NCS Colour has sales in over 80 countries worldwide.

The foundation of our solutions is NCS – a scientific colour system used world-wide, cross-industry.