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photo credits: Hannie Verhoeven, Simon Niebel

ABN AMRO HOTSPOTS | Julina Vanille Bezold

ABN AMRO offers young designers a platform to present themselves to a larger audience

All week at Philitelaan | Strijp-S

qi | clothing collection

Mass consumption has irreparable consequences for our environment. Moreover it prevents an authentic connection from us to our material world.
The biodegradable collection qi by wholina (Julina Vanille Bezold) has its roots in a holistic design manifesto inspired by the ancient Chinese philosophy Wu-Xing. The garments come from plants, live with us and will eventually decompose one day, enabling a new plant to grow from it.
By distinguishing fashion and garments, qi attempts to create a new awareness for the appreciation of clothing. They are our second skin, in which we are wrapped most of our lives.

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ABN AMRO is an entrepreneurial bank with a social impact. We see a clear shift in the economy and society towards sustainable solutions. This is a good development, because as a society we have a number of serious issues: climate change, scarcity of raw materials, and social inequality. As a bank, we want to accelerate this shift towards sustainability. This is also reflected in our tightened up strategy, in which we place a heavy emphasis on sustainability. We believe that design and sustainability go hand in hand, and designers can make a difference.