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photo credits: Hannie Verhoeven, Elza Zijlstra

ABN AMRO HOTSPOTS | Elza Zijlstra & Tom Reijnders

ABN AMRO offers young designers a platform to present themselves to a larger audience.

All week at Philitelaan | Strijp-S

LITTERSET: playing & building with plastic soup

Elza Zijlstra of TrashWorks makes art out of plastic waste she finds on beaches, streets and riverbanks around the world. In close cooperation with Tom Reijnders she has now developed the ‘LITTERSET’: a play-box filled with hand-picked plastic waste. Both in her art and in the ‘LITTERSET‘, the waste is not changed in any way, but used as found. There is also a book with creative ideas in the play-box.
Owners of the box are encouraged to go outside and look for pieces of plastic waste. This is how the ‘LITTERSET’ stimulates the imagination and being outside. It shows that it is not necessary to buy new plastic in order to have fun and create.

Contact Elza Zijlstra & Tom Reijnders

Contact Elza Zijlstra & Tom Reijnders


ABN AMRO is an entrepreneurial bank with a social impact. We see a clear shift in the economy and society towards sustainable solutions. This is a good development, because as a society we have a number of serious issues: climate change, scarcity of raw materials, and social inequality. As a bank, we want to accelerate this shift towards sustainability. This is also reflected in our tightened up strategy, in which we place a heavy emphasis on sustainability. We believe that design and sustainability go hand in hand, and designers can make a difference.