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Photo courtesy of Six N. Five

DDW Talks: Future Living

How will we live in 2040?

Tue 22 oct at FIFTH | NRE | Downtown

Leolux and Frame team up to present an inspiring and imaginative vision on future living in DDW Talks.

Winy Maas, founding partner of MVRDV architects, Johannes Torpe of Johannes Torpe Studios and Anna Dekker of Studio Lonk talk about their off the track design solutions on the topic, with pioneering interior design and architecture concepts that push past traditional boundaries. Sebastiaan Sanders, CEO Leolux, Paula Strunden of Soft Bodies and Julian Ellerby, strategy director Franklin Till top the future vision on living off by sharing their expertise, moderated by Robert Thiemann, founder of FRAME publishers.

We will not only report on the human-centric breeze that is stirring the interior-design sector but will also address the question: how do we satisfy our social needs in an individualizing world and how will custom-made, mass-produced design and VR relate to each other in 2040?

16.00- 17.00 : Welcome Drink
17.00- 19.00 : DDW Talk: Future Living
19.00- 20.00 : Closing Drinks

We look forward to meet you Tuesday 22nd October at 16h. at Fifth NRE.

All DDW Talks are English spoken.

Winy Maas | MVRDV

Winy Maas is a co-founder and principal architect of MVRDV, an interdisciplinary studio that works at the intersection of architecture and urbanism. Besides his work for MVRDV, Maas is Professor of Urbanism and Architecture at the Delft University of Technology. He founded The Why Factory at the TU Delft, a research institute exploring the possibilities for the development of our cities by focusing on the production of models and visualisations for cities of the future.

Anna Dekker | Studio LONK

Anna Dekker is sociologist and co-founder of Studio LONK – a design studio specialized in spatial storytelling and design and build temporary spaces that make a lasting impact. Since 2012 Studio LONK has demonstrated the power of spatial storytelling as a method to truly reach and engage audiences. The LONK team has a strong background in sociology, urban planning, architecture, design and brand strategy. A combination which allows them to consider all aspects of experience.

Sebastiaan Sanders | Leolux

As director of family owned business Leolux, Sebastiaan Sanders represents a long history of furniture manufacturers with a keen vision on design and the future. Leolux is considered to be one of the biggest furniture manufacturers in Europe with their own factory based in Venlo since 1934. Leolux's role from simply reacting to what the market knows to addressing the design community of DDW on how we can shape this future together has taken shape in a DDW What if Lab collaboration on view at TQ.

Paula Strunden | Soft Bodies

Paula Strunden is a co-founder and immersive designer at Soft Bodies, an interdisciplinary design studio based between Amsterdam and London that seeks to freely expand the production of space and objects by bringing the physical and virtual worlds closer together. With a shared education and professional background in architecture, Soft Bodies are looking to explore the multi-sensorial and atmospheric potential at the intersection of virtual reality and craft.

Julian Ellerby | Franklin Till

Julian Ellerby is Strategy Director at FranklinTill, a futures research agency working with global brands and organisations to explore and implement design, material and colour innovation. FranklinTill specialises in providing content with context, identifying convergences in sociocultural movements, scientific and technological innovation and public mindsets, brought to life as strategies, publications and experiences.

Johannes Torpe | Johannes Torpe Studios

Guided by the believe that we do our best work when we pursue things that move us, Johannes is an advocate for an unrestrained and intuitive approach to design and life in general. As creative director of the studio, Johannes channels his intuitive approach and comprehensive experience from the many aspects of the design and creative industries he has worked in.

DDW Talks

For the first time this year, Dutch Design Week has curated the DDW Talks programme with different partners. Based on the seven themes we investigate the many facets of design. Together with key figures from the field of design and beyond, we explore a diversity of design disciplines, discussing current affairs, reflecting on the past and casting our minds into the future.