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DDW Talks: Architecture & Public Space

Shared spaces

Sun 20 oct at FIFTH | NRE | Downtown

During the Architecture & Public Space Talks, Chief Government Architect Floris Alkemade debates architecture and shared spaces with a number of leading visionaries. There is much ground to be gained. It is up to the strength of design, imagination takes charge.

There are countless opportunities and reasons for adapting public and shared spaces to the radically changing social and technological circumstances. To do this, we need to observe and understand these changes better, but this also calls for new approaches to collaboration.

All DDW Talks are English spoken.

Floris Alkemade - moderator

Floris Alkemade is an architect and urban designer. After graduating from Rem Koolhaas at TU Delft, he worked for 18 years at the OMA agency, of which the last 7 years as a partner. He worked on major projects and studies around the world, both on the scale of architecture and urban planning
Floris Alkemade combines his position as Chief Government Architect with his work for his FAA and BAU + offices - operating from the Netherlands and France.

Laurens van den Acker

As the Senior Vice President of Corporate Design at Groupe Renault, Laurens van den Acker will share his vision on the future of mobility in relation to shared and public spaces. Being one of the ambassadors of DDW 2018, he will take us to a world where urbanisation is rapidly developing and between 60 and 70 percent of the population will be living in cities by 2030.

Coren Sharples

Coren Sharples is a founding partner of SHoP Architects New York. She holds a Bachelor of Science from the business school at the University of Maryland, and a Master of Architecture from Columbia University. In addition to her work on the firm’s ground-up projects, Coren also leads the interiors group at SHoP.
"What makes a shared space successful? What makes a shared space inspiring? What does “shared” or “public” space mean in today’s architectural climate and rapidly changing industry? "

Francesca Cesa Bianchi - Boeri Architetti

Within the dense fabric of contemporary cities is important to define new criteria for creating and preserving public spaces. A space can be defined public if -for instance- you can play football in it!

Connecting residual spaces and new public grounds in a vital system of open-air places and enliven them with a mix of activities can improve our cities. The process is the result of the combined action of good flexible policies with a good planning activity that shapes quality urban environments

Bart Cosijn - Presenter

Bart Cosijn is a professional moderator from The Netherlands with over ten years of experience. His motto: ‘Talking is silver, being heard is golden’.
Bart works in different countries in Europe and overseas. He is a member of the Dutch Moderators Association and the Dutch Union of Journalists. In 2014 he initiated the first Citizens’ Assembly in the city of Amsterdam and is currently chair of the board.

Carolien Ligtenberg

Carolien Ligtenberg, founder of Amsterdam based Bureau ZWIRT, is an architect and expert in sustainable urban transformation. She has worked at Michael Sorkin (New York), Neutelings Riedijk, MVRDV and OMA. She teaches regularly at multiple architecture schools, was director of studies and research partner at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in Barcelona. Besides her office, she is a frequently asked lecturer about innovation in the field of architecture and urbanism.

Fabio Colturri

Head of Content at DesignWanted

DDW Talks

For the first time this year, Dutch Design Week has curated the DDW Talks programme with different partners. Based on the seven themes we investigate the many facets of design. Together with key figures from the field of design and beyond, we explore a diversity of design disciplines, discussing current affairs, reflecting on the past and casting our minds into the future.