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Shape of Sound
Zowa Rindt

Machine Made

Traditional craftmanship and imagination in the 21st century

All week at Warehouse of Innovation | Central

Within our work we used new techniques to inspire rapture in the viewer. Sometimes we challenge the boundaries of perfection in microscopic proportions that stretch to the limits of the human eye. We transport old images to the 21st century and make tangible, that could only exist in our imagination

Machine Made is an exhibition where Jeroen Mathijssen, Iede Adu en Zowa Rindt present different works where traditional craftmanship is combined with modern production methods. Each of us show our own individual works, which represent our own view towards those production methods, materials and concepts.

Zowa Iede Jukka

Machine Made stands for an art and design collective that consist of Jeroen Mathijssen, Iede Adu and Zowa Rindt. The work that will be exhibited from the three designers will contain multiple disciplines.

The collective hopes to establish a name by making bold products and sculptures on the edge of design and art.