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Impressie Brabant Living Landscape DDW 2019

Brabant Living Lab

Living Landscape

All week at Ketelhuisplein | Strijp-S

Brabant is writing history with the future. Interested in taking part and experiencing this? Find out more in the Living Landscape!

This interactive exhibit will inspire and challenge you to make choices, enabling you to experience how green energy flows, changes in agriculture, smart mobility, innovative strength and circular construction all come together in your city or town. Think it’s not an immediate concern? The future is closer than you think!
Did you know you can also impact your future environment? Using your own press pass, you can make choices in the seven worlds of the Living Landscape. Swiping, turning knobs, opening doors and taking measurements is sure to make your heart beat faster. And who knows? Your ideas might just make the front page of the newspaper of the future...

Interested in more in-depth exploration? No problem! There’s also a theatre and a daily programme with serious games, inspiring speakers, pitches from students and so much more!

'Money Talks'

Veelbelovende ontwerpers openen Money Talks
October 19 - 15:00-18:00
Design to Market - Talenthub Brabant - opens the discussion on "design & entrepreneurship" on Saturday 19 October 3 p.m. in Brabant Living Lab. Collision Maker Koen Snoeckx, designers, entrepreneurs, decision makers and interested parties discover the value of design within inspiring stories about the design process.

Serious Gaming: Landshapers

20/21 October - 14: 00-17: 00
October 22 - 11: 00-14: 00
October 24 - 15:00-18:00
In the Serious Game ‘Landshapers’, specially developed for DDW, professionals and visitors experience that land is not inexhaustible. How do they achieve their own objectives, while maintaining a healthy and attractive landscape? Everyone leaves their footprint, they build something together. But only by playing the game well, they create a healthy and attractive end result.

Première: 100 seconds of Brabant

100 seconds of Brabant
October 22 - 16:00-17:00
Guerilla photographer Daniel Raven-Ellison of National Geographic has already made a 100-meter expedition through Great Britain to drastically change the image of nature. Daniel developed a new film especially for DDW 2019, but about Brabant. This film can be seen all week in the Living Landscape, but will officially premiere on 22/10. At that moment, visitors get the unique opportunity to get to know the story and the person behind the film.

Social design in (arbeids)migratie

Social design in (arbeids)migratie
October 23 - 13: 00-13: 45
On Wednesday, October 23, Milena Mulders, initiator of the migration museum in Heerlen, will give a special keynote: about making people listen, discuss, cry, pray, sing and dance together with residents and newcomers of different cultural origins.

Biobased bouwen nou!

Biobased bouwen nou!
October 23 - 14: 00-15: 30
Various biobased building pioneers, such as Klaas Jan Swager, Maike Wevers and Emiel Rietvelt, share materials, products, challenges and strategies for biobased building and the scaling up of it in the Brabant Living Lab on 23 October.

Het Vitality Lab

Het Vitality Lab
October 24 - 11: 00-1300
October 25 - 15:00-17:00
In this living lab, governments, knowledge institutions, companies and students innovate together for an active and healthy lifestyle. During Dutch Design Week they challenge visitors to generate ideas for public exercise in a current case from the municipality of Vught and students from the "Vitality Squads" present their own projects, such as a new generation of Krajicek playgrounds and motivation by physiological data.

Live Soundscape in het Growing Pavilion

Live Soundscape
Everyday at 11:00
In collaboration with Jacqueline Hameling, Aart Strootman and Stichting Nieuwe Helden, visitors help build a unique and artistic Soundscape of registered intimate concerts. This 9-day series of concerts, daily at 11:00 am in the Growing Pavilion, is inspired by Bach's "nature-based" music and will ultimately tell a compelling story about the holistic approach to landscape development.

Provincie Noord-Brabant

Province of Noord-Brabant