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The Anderen, Karin Fischnaller, Mar Ginot

GEO—DESIGN: Junk. Alissa+Nienke

All That Is Solid Melts into Trash

All week at Hutspot | Central

From satellite graveyards to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, GEO—DESIGN: Junk. explores global systems of discarded things and their new realities and potentialities. This city-wide exhibition, produced in collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum, showcases 18 projects by DAE alumni.

With strikingly different approaches to design and research, the exhibition traverses landfills, uncovers the ghosts of dead digital communities and discovers new ecosystems and economies built on detritus. It looks at junk as a microcosm, as an economic barometer that can reveal realities of consumption and production, and as a subject of intercontinental diplomacy.

It is the second chapter of GEO—DESIGN exhibition series, an annual collaboration between Design Academy Eindhoven and the Van Abbemuseum. It is part of the GEO—DESIGN platform created by Design Academy Eindhoven in response to the urgent need for an experimental space and tangible support for young designers and researchers whose work deals with global issues. Half of the projects featured in GEO—DESIGN: Junk are on display in the museum, the other half of the projects are hosted by businesses around Eindhoven, taking the exhibition beyond the walls of the institution and expanding its relationship with the city.

Please note: During DDW GEO-DESIGN: Junk in the Van Abbemuseum can only be visited with a DDW all-access ticket.

Alissa+Nienke, Atelier to the Bone and Kirstie van Noort

One Standard Row House
Alissa+Nienke, Atelier to the Bone and Kirstie van Noort

While most of the businesses involved in creating housing are committed to sustainability there is one common blind spot: packaging waste. In collaboration with a Dutch construction company, the designers have collected and processed the rubbish produced during the creation of one new house in Eindhoven.

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