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All week in Klokgebouw | Hall 3 by Trash-2-Cash
This event is open for the public.

Academic and industry designers have been collaborating with scientists and engineers over the last three years to produce these new materials from textile waste.

The 18 partners from 10 countries are showing six brand new prototypes at Dutch Design Week 2018, comprised of new, recycled and recyclable apparel and automotive materials and concepts. We are also sharing this new way of working, outlining how science, design and industry can input into the process from beginning to end.


The Trash-2-Cash consortium is a group of designers, scientists and industry partners who have been working together to make new high-end materials from waste textiles. It’s a project that is as much about the way in which these people collaborate as what they have produced together. 


As we all know, one resource that’s becoming more abundant is waste. The idea of recycling textile waste has been popular for decades, but current mechanical methods give poor quality fabrics suitable only for industrial applications like insulation, and upcycling of pre-consumer textile waste into products is impossible to scale.


Trash-2-Cash (T2C) proposes a new model where paper and textile waste is recycled chemically - resulting in fabrics that are the same quality as new materials, to make products that are industrially replicable and infinitely recyclable.


Come to our showcase at Dutch Design Week 2018 and decide for yourselves whether we have been able to make trash in to cash!


VanBerlo is hosting this Trash-2-Cash showcase. They have been a key partner on the project, but the work on show has been created by many European experts. They are based at the following organisations:


- Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Finland

- IK4-CIDETEC Technology Centre, IK4 Research Alliance, Spain

- The Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark

- Grado Zero Innovation (GZI), Italy

- MAIER, Spain

- MATERIAL CONNEXION ITALIA Srl Material ConneXion®, Italy

- Reima, Finland

- RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

- Celanese, Italy

- SOEX, Germany

- SÖKTAŞ, Turkey

- TEKO, Sweden

- Tekstina, Slovenia

- University of the Arts London (UAL), United Kingdom

- VTT, Finland

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