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Contour installation
Jeroen van der Wielen


Customized Lighting Creations

All week at Kazerne | Downtown

Ontwerpduo launches new lighting brand: 'Aptum'. With Aptum, the many years of interests and experiences of Ontwerpduo – Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink – come together with the demand from the interior and architecture sector: Very adaptable project lighting, both practical and poetic.

Lighting performs miracles. Light creates atmosphere and intimacy. Good lighting communicates, dispels the dark, and conjures up magic in return. To work in. To relax by. Aptum lets you choose. For every room. To every wish. The word Aptum means adaptable. Aptum the label designs poetic lighting solutions. Produced in our own studio, to be installed on site. Each design offers ample options in size and composition, color and material. Light for business. Light for home. Aptum not only develops lighting systems for corporate clients – hotels, restaurants, cafés, offices and libraries –but also supplies stock models for your home. Color and character, atmosphere and intensity: you control, you decide. Aptum It’s light. It’s magic.


A birdcage in which you can swing freely, lamps that subdivide like trees, or a table you can play marbles on: the fantastic world of Ontwerpduo emerges from the collaboration and chemistry between Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink.
Ontwerpduo has been creating furniture, accessories and lighting on request and autonomously since 2008.