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The Symbiocene Forest
BioArt Laboratories

The Symbiocene Forest

Unearthing the next era of human history

All week at BioArt Laboratories | Strijp T+R

Hidden in a green realm in Strijp lies BioArt Laboratories - a repurposed historical military complex in a dense forest. The breeding ground for many award winning innovations. It is a refreshing place where things are done differently. A place, unfinished, unpolished, provocative, and alive.

At this off-grid location we are challenging the anthropocentric perspectives on economy, habitation and land by adopting key principles of the Symbiocene. The Symbiocene revolves around ecological and evolutionary thinking of the interconnectedness of life and all living thing. Such symbioses are in stark contrast with current human influence and increasing dominance of climatic, biophysical and evolutionary processes. During DDW 2019, BioArt Laboratories explorers these key principles of the Symbiocene: the full elimination of toxic-to-life substances; the complete and safe biodegradability of all materials in human use, the exploitation of non-polluting forms of safe, socially just renewable energy and organic integration of technology with physical and living systems. Our old bunker complex, the laboratory workplace and the rural environment outside will form the scenery of the event and its activities through exhibitions and all types of events. Extra festive is that BioArt Laboratories founder Jalila Essaidi is one of the ambassadors of the Dutch Design Week this year. That must be celebrated! All kinds of special activities take place on the entire BioArt Village site!

Shaakira Jassat

Are we able to revitalize our relationship with water in the urban environment?

Shaakira Jassat is a graduate at the Desigh Aademy. Since the recent drought in her native country, South Afrika, she has been looking at design as a response to the dry situation in Cape Town. During that time, the city's relationship with water altered dramatically. Her work takes inspiration from organisms that collect, filter or store their own water, seeking ways to apply these principles in urban environments.

Celine Jacobs

With a simple recipe, a few attributes and a little time it’s possible to process green waste into wearable, natural and biodegradable material. Would you wear clothing made entirely of fruit and vegetables?

Joshua Kelly

Irish Designer Joshua Kelly(IR) launches Arboretum Digitalus. Arboretum Digitalus is a speculative design piece investigating alternative ways of valuing trees by exploring the intersection between society, nature and technology. #savethetrees

Product unveiling at 1:00 on the 20/10/2019
Arboretum Digitalus

Beatrice Lopez

Visual artist Beatrice Alvestad Lopez (NO) works in the intersection of ancient shamanistic traditions and modern revelations, that take form in land-based works and installations containing film, photo, residue and painting.

Sunjoo Lee and Ko de Beer

Machine in Flux
Sunjoo Lee (KO) and Ko de Beer (NL) are presenting Machine in Flux - Wood: an art installation in which a delicate drawing robot mimics the behaviour and form of trees. Their research continues with future possibilities of communicating with an actual tree to grow a drawing.

The project seeks advice from tree professionals in Wageningen University&Research, and is supported by Stichting MAD, BioArt Laboratories, Vitalis Kunst en Cultuur, and Cultuur Eindhoven.

Monique van Gemert Smulders

Tea Meeting
Monique van Gemert Smulders is presenting a social art project. In het work, you often find a hint of personal critique of the world around her. By embodying emotion into her work, she emphasizes its essence. While creating, Monique often uses natural materials and waste products. In times of circular thinking, she believes that choice of material is of great importance.

‘Thea Meeting’ unites people from different cultural backgrounds, connected by the element water.

Mathias Anger and Raphaël Golja

French designers Raphaël and Mathias are fascinated by geography. It is by observing their environment that they reintegrate existing processes and phenomena into the design. For DDW, they question our relationship with water and raise awareness on the preciousness of this resource, while opening a discussion on the evolution of the coastlines and their purpose in the near future.

Moomal Shekhawat

Moomal’s practice is embodied in material, space, and text. Her work is influenced by the politics of visibility and is generally composed of found material, fabric, clay and text. She explores the relationship between memory and narratives, giving form to grief.

She currently resides and works in Bangalore.

Karin de Jong

A Stitch in Time
Karin de Jong’s (NL) work takes a critical look at today’s consumption of the birth control pill. Long-term use of the oral contraceptive alters a woman’s perception of what is natural to her body and what is not. However, insight in the menstrual cycle may provide us with benefits that are worth considering. With my work I hope to help women to reconnect with their natural rhythm and spark debate on how the widely used oral contraceptive programs the female body and weakens body literacy

Athina Koumparouli

Athina Koumparouli's (GR) artistic practice grew out of her work as an antique conservator combined with the intense observation of nature and, inevitably, human intervention.
Getting to work with different materials exposed to natural phenomena, she sees the charm of damage and recognizes it as a quality connected to memory.
Her project investigate's the mutual interaction between humans, water and damage – and reassess issues and contradictions such as traditional values in a new era.

Fede Baroni

Waltic Way
Fede Baroni (AR) has been working with sustainable design since 2015. “My project, it's based on recycled materials and the way we decided what to measure. I'm talking about watches, but not just time, it's a new way to understand our environmental responsibility and how we could impact in every single person in order to make the change we need. See you in my stand!”

Rik van Rijswick

Various Sculptures
Rik van Rijswick (NL) artist is a creator pur sang. It is safe to say that this emotions manifest in his sculptures. As he puts it: ‘’If my sculptures resonate with you, you like or hate them, it probably touched you deep from within and we can shake hands. ‘’This is, for him, one of the reasons why he makes art. To connect with people who resonate with his work.

Theo Coenen

Buitenaards Wezen + Inslag
Theo Coenen (NL) is an artist who is drawn to work with heavy materials, such as metal. The heaviness of the massive material has to be real and not constructed. Manipulating the found materials by adding or removing parts gives the work a surreal twist.

BioArt Laboratories Foundation

BioArt Laboratories strongly focusses on talent development and preservation for Eindhoven and its region. At BioArt Laboratories, designers, scientists, and artists are offered a platform to develop themselves on different levels: artistically, research, development, marketing and entrepreneurship. Our expertise is the crossover between biotechnology and the creative industry. BioArt Laboratories facilitates these young talents with the first steps in their professional career.