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Atelier NL

StraatMakers Op DDW

Roll up your sleeves and share your story of the earth that keeps you grounded—what is the connection that you have with the soil under your feet.

All week at Wall Street | Downtown

If you could choose one place in this city that means the world to you, where would it be? The city forest perhaps, a park, a garden? Maybe it is some spot along your daily walk – or can nothing beat your own backyard? What are the memories that you have of this place, and what makes it so special?

De StraatMakers is a project rooted in local identity and a shared sense of value people attach to a place. Riding our cargo bike to numerous locations across Eindhoven, Atelier NL has called on local residents to roll up their sleeves, dig up some soil, and share their personal stories about the place they took it from. This has resulted in an expanding archive of hundreds of soil samples that reveal the colours of the earth right under our feet.

Commissioned by the municipality, this research project looks at new possibilities for the pavement of the city centre. Presented at Wall Street during DDW, the collected material brings together the colours, textures, and stories of Eindhoven. It visually connects the pavement we walk on every day to the qualities of the earth beneath our feet. Atelier NL hopes to ground people locally by reflecting on the unique characteristics of the very place we call home. Interested in contributing to this ongoing project? Dig up some soil from your favourite place, send it to Atelier NL, and upload your own story to:

Collectively, our stories make the city of Eindhoven what it is today.

Atelier NL

Atelier NL develops products that showcase the richness of the earth and the value of local raw materials. Each earthly element tells a different story and yields a different product. Atelier NL’s work is based on a passionate and unique research methodology that analyzes the hidden narratives of the earth and all that it produces. Atelier NL speaks to the graceful subtleties of the natural world by reshaping raw earth elements into tangible, everyday objects.