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Unfamiliar Experience

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Unfamiliar Experience

A presentation about useful and appealing products that give an “unfamiliar experience” in the way they look and work. This presentation exists out of small and bigger day to day products. During the design process I found different possibilities and more appealing ways of using furniture and accessories. These products show the movement and the poetry emitted from growing plants to a lit light.

Product design - Tijn van Orsouw

Tijn van Orsouw works with existing functions that come with various actions. While playing he changes the meaning of things and gives it a clear shape. His journey in finding the perfect shape or function is typical for his work. Tijn enjoys the most by working with natural or material with their own story. During the design process Tijn creates a few design rules in which he can vary in shape or material. Hereby his work looks very lively and every product has his own character.