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Embassy of Water

All week in Church of Atelier NL by World Design Event
This event is open for the public.

This year the Embassy of Water premiers at the Dutch Design Week. This platform for water related design is a place for sharing knowledge and ideas, inspire each other and accelerate innovation.

Connecting designers, government, knowledge and research institutes, enterprises and end-users at an early stage, enables a creative Water Hub to emerge where future-oriented collaborations can take place, aimed at achieving a sustainable, water-friendly society.

The Embassy of Water is initiated and curated by Anouk van der Poll, co-owner of vanderPolloffice and is during DDW located at the church of Atelier NL (Bergmannstraat 76).

The Embassy of Water program focuses on two themes: Water-Sensitive Urban Design and Nature-Based Solutions.

In an exhibition, all participants show projects and designs that coincide with these themes. There are also lectures and workshops.

Water-Sensitive Urban Design

Due to rising numbers of people living in cities and the expansion of cities themselves, the way water is managed in cities is becoming an increasingly urgent issue. Which is why the Embassy of Water is focusing primarily on water in the city during the DDW. Water-Sensitive Urban Design is seen around the globe as an extremely effective solution for tackling the problems surrounding urbanisation and climate change.

Nature-Based Solutions

This is where we look at what nature can teach us about managing the problems that accompany climate change. This raises questions such as: What is water precisely? How can we make better use of water? How can we find solutions to contemporary water problems by examining how water naturally behaves?’


Interactive lecture Dr. Ir. Marlies Kampschreur - innovator

Water: mirror for health

Monday, October 22nd, from 1:00 - 1:30 am.

As an innovator Marlies Kampschreur wonders how our way of living is reflected in the water quality. Water is a powerful mirror: can we use this image and do we want to use that? Can water also be a change agent? How does water reflect the vitality and health of our way of living, in our personal lives, in our neighbourhood and in river basins. You are very welcome to join this interactive lecture.

Lecture ir Cees Kamp -water researcher

What is Water? Mysterious aspects of our everyday life fluid.

Friday, october 26th, from 3:00 - 4:30 am.

As a chemical technologist, from the mid-nineties, Cees Kamp immersed himself with wonder and through scientific glasses in the unfathomable phenomenon of water. Water is a life-saving, wonderful liquid with exceptional properties.Come listen and taste, and be surprised!

Waterboard de Dommel

Water board De Dommel presents three projects:
With this new fish passage, the first Fishflowform in the world, the water board mimics a freely flowing stream. Design Paul van Dijk.
Residual flows:
Lucas Zoutendijk of Studio 1: 1 has mapped out the residual flows of the water board from the 'Strategic Creativity' lectorate of the Design Academy, commissioned by Waterschap De Dommel.
Purifying Greenhouse:
This Biomakerij will purify the waste water from the trappist abbey OLV Koningshoeven through a greenhouse with micro-organisms and ornamental plants. Then this water can be used again in the production process of the abbey.

City of Eindhoven

Project Underground:
In collaboration with Studio 1: 1 and RHDHV, the municipality has developed a very detailed model of the underground of a part of the Eindhoven city center. The accompanying game makes it clear how busy it is in the urban underground and what challenges there are for climate measures.


During DDW two projects will be shown by Ontwerpplab, a partnership between the municipality of Eindhoven, TU / e and Waterschap De Dommel in the field of climate-proof design of the living environment.

Cees Kamp

The Turritap is an ingenious spout designed by Cees Kamp that vitalises water. By mimicking the natural swirl of water in mountain streams, tap water becomes surprisingly tasty water, soft, fresh and sparkling as mountain water.


Provincie Noord-Brabant

Royal HaskoningDHV

Achieving water resilient and climate proof cities
Royal HaskoningDHV believes in water resilient and liveable cities where the built and natural environments are in balance. Involving our living environment and social values is vital. Our ‘water resilience’ services to shape the city of tomorrow cover the whole spectrum from water sensitive design, engineering to governance

A comprehensive urban water strategy – Hudson Waterfront
As part of the Rebuild by Design competition the OMA | Royal HaskoningDHV team, proposed a Comprehensive Water Strategy for “high-density urban environments”, with the City of Hoboken (New Jersey, USA) as a demonstration project area.

Vital Zone Instituut & Waterboard Aa and Maas

Vital Zones are areas where people healthy and happily live, work, grow up and age in a vital environment. During the DDW we are looking at water as a mirror for health. How does water reflect vitality and health in our personal lifestyle, district and river flow areas? What can we do and want to do with that reflection?

Studio Makkink & Bey

To address the topic of water shortage, and show alternative ways to approach it within the framework of education, Studio Makkink & Bey have been working on setting up a series of primary schools, dubbed “WaterSchools”, all across the globe since 2012.
Both in the design of its elements, as well as in its curriculum, the schools focus on teaching their pupils about more sustainably ways of handling and managing water.

Wellant College

Urban Green Development
The Urban Green Development program contributes to the development of green thinkers and doers who can apply their skills in the Urbane environment. Nature itself is the starting point (nature-inclusive thinking).

Charlotte de Wit

Urban Oasis
Charlotte de Wit has done research about the trends, sectors and the target group for this thesis of the bachelor study ‘Trend Research and Concept Creation in Lifestyle’. From there, the concept Urban Oasis was created. This thesis is written for the municipality of Eindhoven.

Lotte de Haan

Waterworks is a series of workshops which uses the situation of water shortage as a social equalizer.

Nextcity with Academy of Architecture Amsterdam

Building for Biodiversity
This expo shows the exhibition of nextcity.nl within Space Time Existence at the 2018 Venice Biennale. They present recent projects of students and alumni who focus on building for biodiversity. The projects shown are the result of design studios given by Maike van Stiphout (landscape architect at DS) and Mathias Lehner (architect at legu), both researchers and initiators of nextcity.nl.


‘During the DDW at the Embassy of Water, local authorities and knowledge institutes will point out the major issues and where opportunities lie for improvement and innovation,’ says Anouk van der Poll, owner of vanderPolloffice and project manager at the Embassy of Water. ‘Designers will use the Embassy of Water to display their ideas, products and systems which can serve as potential directions for solutions. This enables an interplay to emerge, a ‘creative interference’ which ensures that ideas, talents and expertise can amplify one another. Let’s galvanise, inspire and activate each other.’


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