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All week at Veem | Floor 2 | Strijp-S

CLAYTHING brings craft of ceramic making in a new context. Their unique pieces are meant to intrigue, inspire and question the future applications of clay in fields of object design, art and architecture.

CLAYTHING invites to re-envision the craft and function of ceramics. CLAYTHING welcomes to experience unique design objects for interior, which distinguish themselves in purist and elegant, yet raw and imperfect aesthetics.

CLAYTHING strives on the Undefined. Rather than being assigned to one design discipline, it combines material & textile design, art and craft, what results the distinctive language of the project. Redefining the concept of ceramic material and the limits of its production, are the fundamental questions of CLAYTHING practice.

The ceramic workshop is our playground, where we fuse traditional ceramic techniques with digital manufacturing methods, which go hand in hand with an extensive examination of the material characteristics. We question mass production and choose to foster sustainable ways of working by responsibly thinking through each step of CLAYTHING manufacturing processes.

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CLAYTHING is a project of Berlin based designer duo Justina Monceviciute and Regina Fischer.

Justina is a material designer and artist. She holds BA&MA Degrees in Textile&Surface Design. Justina works as a freelance designer on various projects in design and art areas.

Regina is an artist and product designer specialised in ceramics and object design. She holds a Diploma in Product Design. In her work Regina questions the relation between craftsmanship and digital manufacturing.