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Design Tile Scale cement-free close-up Beton-Lab

SUSTAINABLE CONCRETE - visible, tangible, usable

Beton-Lab is the first to use sustainable concrecte in product design. Come and see our first cement-free concrete products

All week at Piet Hein Eek | Strijp T+R

Applied sustainable concrete sounds like something impossible. Even so, a cement-free geopolymere concrete is within reach. To demonstrate, Beton-Lab has developed a design wall tile in which this durable concrete has been tested and developed, making it accessible for interior and exterior design.

Concrete has a huge CO2 footprint, while being the second most used material in the world. The ecological impact (nine percent of global CO2 emissions) is therefore enormous. The biggest factor here is the production of cement; the binding agent in concrete. However, concrete can easily be made more sustainable by replacing the cement with local binders; so-called geopolymers. Geopolymer concrete (GPC) is not a mysterious material, but visible, tangible and already usable. GPC is made from local materials. Dutch clay for instance!

Beton-Lab developed a design wall tile in which Geopolymere concrete (GPC) could be further tested and developed. It demonstrates that a sustainable cement-free concrete is for the taking. Both for interior and exterior design and for sustainable construction. Beton-Lab combines Dutch Design with advanced knowledge and technologies from pioneers in the industry at the cutting edge of sustainable concrete development. Geopolymere concrete provides an answer to one of today's design and architectural issues; how can we really become more sustainable? Come and visit us to experience our sustainable design tile and other concrete design products.



Beton-Lab is an Utrecht based design agency, specialized in aesthetic concrete product design. We want to surprise people with our work and by doing so, make the world a little better and more beautiful. By focusing on design and innovation with materials, we are able exceed expectations. We explore the limits of material and design, so that their qualities enhance each other.