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Embassy of Sustainable Design

Embassy of Sustainable Design

All week at Innovation Powerhouse | Strijp T+R

With the theme ‘If not now, then when’ Dutch Design Week 2019 calls us to take action and embrace sustainability and a more circular economy and way of life. The question at the heart of the Embassy of Sustainable Design is: as businesses, designers, and consumers how can we make a difference?

But this transition is only possible through transparent and open cooperation. And it’s a change process that calls for more than sustainable products: it demands investment, new business models and long-term choices that may not always focus on the simplest route. Thanks to their market position and scale, large companies are major players in driving this transition.
Designers also have an important professional responsibility. Not only towards manufacturers when it comes to inventing and developing products, services and projects that optimise sustainability. But also towards consumers with respect to meeting needs, creating awareness and encouraging them to make the most sustainable, circular choices possible.
In the coming years, the partners of this Embassy will team up to work on practical solutions in meetings, network meetings, workshops and labs. This will unite industry, designers, policy makers, product specialists and users in efforts to initiate and encourage real-world change.
An exhibition with numerous participants—in particular large companies—shows that circular is not just about sustainable products, but about a transition, a process that often demands entirely new business models. The presentation will show visitors the degree to which the participating companies have a stake in embracing sustainability and that, as consumers, visitors can make informed choices. In addition to the exhibition, during DDW, the Embassy of Sustainable Design will be a hotspot for experts and interested parties to discuss current practices and concrete challenges and with this develop a network of change agents, entrepreneurs, pioneers and designers.
To find out more about the exhibition and the current programme, visit the World Design Embassies website.

World Design Embassies is a programme in which design is used to develop new perspectives and tangible solutions for social challenges. At World Design Embassies we take a human-centred approach to developing visions, products and services to meet current and future needs. We do this by bringing together issues such as health, safety, mobility, sustainable products and services, building and living, technology, urgent issues related to water, climate change and food in embassies for the future. WDE is a year-round programme organised by Dutch Design Foundation and partners and culminates with exhibitions and events during Dutch Design Week.