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All week in NS Loods / Studio Edhv by Dutch Invertuals
A different price applies for this event (This event is accessible with a DDW ticket or €2 without a DDW ticket.).

Dutch Invertuals present


Mankind is reaching its outer limits of physical expansion. The world’s population is skyrocketing at a staggering pace, virtually every modern technology has been invented, and the consumption of non-essentials has become a part of our daily lives.

While it has always been in our human nature to strive for “more”, the design collective Dutch Invertuals offers experimental design concepts on shifting it to “less”, investigating what it means to “take away”.

Showing at Edhv studio close to the central station, Take Away marks Dutch Invertuals’ 10th appearance at Dutch Design Week, and once more brings together some of the most passionate, and vision driven fresh designers.

“After decades of abundance and growth, we must now rethink the essence of our true needs. Can we ultimately fade out the obsolete and return to it to the elements?” –Wendy Plomp, Dutch Invertuals

For “Take Away”, 10 Dutch Invertuals designers explore the complications caused by our contemporary lifestyle and each present their vision on viable futures. Works include new applications of production techniques, experiments that introduce new insights, and radical new ways of making and thinking.

Dutch Invertuals collective

Audrey Large, Christian Hammer Juhl & Jade Chan, Johan Viladrich, Architects of Identity (Edhv), Onno Adriaanse, Stine Mikkelsen, Thomas van der Sman & Richard Cory, Willem van Hooff, Xandra van der Eijk, Zwart Frame

Dutch Invertuals


Dutch Invertuals is a collective of radical minds in design. Established in 2009 by Wendy Plomp, Dutch Invertuals has developed into a strong brand, well known for its unrestrained creativity. "We inspire for change".

Our activities consist of self-initiated and commissioned projects, not limited by commercial demands.

Within our international network we constantly welcome new talents, who share our unorthodox vision, innovative nature and love for experiment. This enables us to constantly reinvent ourselves and explore new fields of design.


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