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No More Sleep

Works in progress about technology and addiction

All week at TQ 5 | Floor 1 | Strijp T+R

In the attention economy, sleep is a design problem.

Instead of going to bed, why not watch another episode? Or read some more articles you might also like? And have you seen all the attractive people looking to become friends with you?

In No More Sleep, students from Fontys ICT and Fontys ArtCoDe explore the making of the irresistible. The never-ending, the always available, and the โ€˜You Wonโ€™t Believe What Happened Next!โ€™.

Questions about the future of addiction and technology form the starting point for an iterative design process. For six weeks students work together with teachers, designers, and experts on a series of speculative installations in a unique studio space on Strijp TQ. During Dutch Design Week we open the studio, exhibit the work, and invite you to participate.

No More Sleep is the latest part in a series of collaborations between Fontys ICT and Fontys ArtCoDe.


Fontys ICT & Fontys ArtCoDe

ICT & Open Innovation is a four-year bachelor program at Fontys School of Information and Communication Technology in Eindhoven and Tilburg. Open Innovation educates responsive professionals for all possible careers in IT.

ArtCoDe (Art, Communication, Design) is a four-year bachelor program at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg. ArtCoDe educates autonomous allround design professionals and Experience Designers.