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Femke Stout

second verse

In search of esthetics, its poetry and emotion.

All week at TAC | Central

Second verse is a kinetic sound installation based on the acoustics of ceramics. In this work there is a close connection between craft, technology and esthetics.

Second verse is an installation that will differ in composition depending on the space the installation will be in. This way the work is becoming part of an environment or maybe even defining an environment. The installation consists of stoneware shapes, each shape is driven by a dc motor. This motor is connected to a pin that rotates and touches the stoneware shape, with a sound as result. All shapes have a different program, that allows me to make a composition of sound. In my work I am striving for physical poetry, through craft and technology.

Jonne Stout

I graduated from the HKU, University of the Arts Utrecht, in july 2019 and I would like to show my work to the world and start my own studio.