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The Sun Show

Material plays with sunlight

All week at Nul Zes | Central

The Sun Show presents our material vision on sun blocking in our (future) living environment. Ranging from material samples to newly launched and applied products and installations.
Alissa+Nienke present their vision on the future of window coverings. The exhibition The Sun Show, gives an overview of new developed projects and large scale material experiments in the context of window blinds and a material play with (sun)light. The starting point is the flat surface, which is manipulated in several ways, in close collaboration with both craft and high-tech industry. Materials transform into interesting, three-dimensional surfaces with new properties and applications. From innovative woven textiles with pop-up patterns that open and close in a breating rhytm, regulting the sunlight (developed for the ministry of Education, Culture and Science, i.c.w. Textiellab Tilburg) to woven, transparent patterns of recycled window panels for an office meeting room: within The Sun Show A+N present their ever expanding material archive in the context of (sun)light.


Alissa+Nienke is a material research and design studio specialising in exciting materials for interior architecture. In close collaboration with both craftsmen and high-tech industry, they research and design innovative material surfaces and installations that trigger curiosity and interaction. Constantly developing their practice, A+N work on commissioned and self-initiated projects in the field of interior design for living, hospitality, office and fashion industry.