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A+N - The Sun Show
Mike Bink

The Sun Show

Material plays with sunlight

All week at Nul Zes | Downtown

Welcome to The Sun Show! Here we present our material vision on sun blocking in our (future) daily environment.

The Sun Show is a bespoke design of innovative window blinds for the meeting room of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (2019).
The installation consists out of four woven, textile panels with pop-up patterns that move in a breathing rhythm. Triggered by a light sensor, the shapes open and close themselves, regulating the sunlight that shines into the space.

Combining both craftsmanship and technology the design is highly refined and detailed and developed in close collaboration with TextielLab and Agile productontwikkeling.

At Dutch Design Week we present the process and end product, so come and experience for yourself!



Alissa+Nienke is a material research and design studio specialising in exciting materials for interior architecture. In close collaboration with both craftsmen and high-tech industry, they research and design innovative material surfaces and installations that trigger curiosity and interaction.

Constantly developing their practice, A+N work on commissioned and self-initiated projects in the field of interior design for living, hospitality, office and fashion industry.