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Biomaterials Archive

Samples & Other Stories

All week at Molenveld 42 | Downtown

Multisensory exhibition featuring a Biomaterials Archive with samples to see, touch, smell and taste, BioDesign objects, DIY machines, grown matter and recycled waste, a BioLab and the best stories from students who have followed the programme Make Material Sense at Design Academy Eindhoven.

The Biomaterials Archive, made publicly accessible for the first time during DDW19, showcases daring, resourceful and beautiful material samples, alternatives to leather, plastic, marble, cotton, MDF, new processes and Open-Source formulas, among other research.
It unveils how these young designers are taking matter into their own hands by farming organisms on the Academy’s shelves or recycling what’s being trashed at home, school’s canteen, city or farms. While they close some loops and make new, shorter life-span materials that forge new paths into design and architecture.
#ZeroWaste #ZeroBudget exhibition crafted by students, curated by their tutor Ana Lisa and produced in collaboration with biohackers from Glimps (BE), scent-specialists at The Institute for Art and Olfaction (US) and Precious Plastic (NL).
Visit us to make sense of our present-future matter, our world could soon be made from old bread and sand, lichen and paper, unloved fruits bioplastics, acorn-MDF, peanuts and eggshells, used coffee, orange peels, mycelium, kombucha, cow poo, cat hair or hoover dust…

Ana Lisa and students

Ana Lisa is an independent curator, journalist and tutor with more than 10 years experience in sustainable design education.
She runs Make Material Sense a course for second-year BA students from all departments at Design Academy Eindhoven, on biomaterials, biodesign, senses beyond vision and DIY machines.