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Amy Virasak

Noggin - Bringing Safety to Ridesharing

All week at Klokgebouw | Hall 3 | Strijp-S

Noggin is a conceptual helmet service designed to provide foldable origami-inspired helmets to e-bike and e-scooter riders. Noggin addresses the rising issue of e-cyclist safety, with an aim to protect riders as more accidents occur due to a lack of helmet use when renting electric vehicles.

Noggin is a foldable helmet service that aims to bring safety to ridesharing. Over the past year, Bird, Lime, and JUMP have taken over cities in the United States with the introduction of "last-mile transportation". However, with the rise of these electric vehicles flooding city streets in addition to distracted driving, there has been a rise in trips to the emergency room due to rider accidents and head injuries. Noggin's mission is to empower riders to navigate cities with confidence, while giving e-transportation companies responsibility for their riders' safety and well-being. Noggin provides Uber's JUMP bike riders with free foldable helmets that can be accessed directly from their rented vehicle. The Noggins are origami-inspired helmets, which can be deployed for riding and flat-folded for convenience when not in use. When their ride is finished, users can fold up their helmet and save it for future use. Riders can ride confidently on the road and with increased safety in the event of a fall. Noggin aims to address the growing need for cyclist safety and protect riders as last mile transportation vehicles become increasingly more popular in cities around the United States.

Amy Virasak

Amy Virasak

I am a self-supported industrial designer. I recently graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology in May 2019, and I am currently working as a UX designer at OneTrust in Atlanta, GA. I am passionate about crafting unified physical and digital products that improve people's lives and spark emotional connections to create more enjoyable and meaningful experiences.