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Design dinner - We cut away sexual taboos
Joes + Manon

Is het normaal dat? Design Diner

Are you hungry for sexuality?

Thu 24 Oct - Sun 27 Oct at Natlab | Strijp-S

For this Dutch Design Week, Joes + Manon, a social design studio based in Eindhoven, put sexuality on the menu. Literally. They host a series of experience dinners in which they question norms and behavior in the context of sexuality.

We are hungry for sexuality! Every day is a sexual day, and we are not only talking about sex here. Our entire society is peppered with (unwritten) rules concerning love, body image, relationships, intimacy, gender identity and reproduction.

During the dinner Joes + Manon will serve some of the challenges and opportunities within sexuality. As dinner guest you can expect an interactive experience in which the conversation about the topics is facilitated in an original and surprisingly delicious way. The orgasm gap will be cut away, taboos will be spiced up and stereotypes will be made into pulp.

You will sit at the table with designers, ambitious pioneers and people who deal with sexuality everyday (which means basically everybody). By tasting sexuality together, Joes + Manon promise sparking conversations, connections and opportunities.

The experience dinners show the constructive and positive role of design in debating difficult and intimate subjects. It is designed in close collaboration with Rutgers, the Dutch authority on research & sexuality. The diners are part of the Homo Sensorium program by Baltan Laboratories, Natlab and Broet (

Baltan Laboratories

Homo Sensorium
The program investigates the blurring borders between synthetic and organic, sense and perception, human and machine. By focusing on sensory perception, we get closer to the essence of what it means to be human, while investigating the future of our technologically mediated body. Homo Sensorium takes place during Dutch Design Week in Natlab, a collaboration initiated by Baltan Laboratories with Broet and Natlab.

Joes + Manon

Joes + Manon, social design studio based in Eindhoven, is the initiator of 'Is it normal that? Design Dinner' as part of her
Sexuality program. They bite into social issues and translate these - together with all stakeholders - into bite-sized, appropriate solutions. They do this by using hands-on and creative design methods.