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Inside A Painting

An Intuitive Approach to 3D-printing

A Talk on the Possible Futures of Machine Design

Fri 25 oct at VDMA | Downtown

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a cramped position in front of your screen, trying to be creative? Well, I have, especially while working with CAD-software and 3D-printers as an architect. These innovations prevent us from feeling fully creative while we slowly lose connection with reality.

What if we reframe the way we design technology? Can we balance the human-machine relationship?

I search for an answer through my self-developed intuitive 3D-printer called Ana. An analog machine which I pioneered during my studies at the TU Delft, Architecture.

With the fast rise of 3D-printing in Architecture and the need for new sustainable ways of using materials, I developed a machine that can ‘paint’ in 3D solidifying bodily movements using recycled plastics.

During my DDW Talk at the VDMA-area I will present to you the journey, going from a machine idea to a tangible tool for drawing in real 3D-space. How this led me towards an artistic practice, where I imagine architecture to be as painting and see the city as our canvas. Experiments with nozzle design, pigments, polymere combinations and weaving techniques bring me to a new form language for '3D-painting'.

The concept for Ana does not stand on itself. It is part of a larger spectrum of intuitive machines. Therefore I will open the conversation on machine design, implications of technology on creativity and the human body at large.

Join me at the VDMA-area in an open dialogue on the future of machine design.


Tiwánee van der Horst

Through robotisation and digitalisation we are slowly removing the human from the making process. We lose connection with the materials, the end result and our own human skills. Tiwánee van der Horst developed a 3D-painting machine as a reaction on the 3D-print technology, to reintegrate the human in both the creation- and making process. The machine, called Ana, consists of a plastic extruder hanging from a balanced mechanism, enabling her to move freely and intuitively through the air.