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YA Present! '18 Evening Session
Rome Smidt

YA Present! | Evening sessions

UNDER CONSTRUCTION, evening sessions in an exhibition to showcase graduation work of this year's class of design graduates from all Dutch academies.

All week at Sectie-C | Sectie-C

The constant changeovers and performance-like curating of the graduation work presented – walled by all projects on view in storage – expresses how these young design talents are still in the early stage of constructing their careers, after having carefully shaped their creative personalities.
We all know this: Something is never completely finished. There is always room for improvement. You want to move forward. You want to keep growing. Plans and projects are in the pipeline. Your website is getting there. Your portfolio is expanding. Your career is under construction. Your company is under construction. Your ambitions are under construction. And yes, this exhibition is also UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Get up close and personal and see how young, freshly graduated design talents search, slide and spin with their graduation work, the first foundations of their professional career as a designer. YA Present! UNDER CONSTRUCTION is a dynamic, living exhibition that showcases the graduation work of this year’s class of design graduates. Also check the YA Present! EVENING SESSIONS, an inspiring series of events developed by the design graduates themselves, and including the launch party of the YA Special! graduation issue of Dude, Dutch Designers Magazine.
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