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A reflection on my fascination about what you hide and what shines through.

Masks are often about an improved, say positive, version of yourself, while you try to mask a dark (read negative) part. In my new collection of wall objects this is translated into the stacked but also omitted forms. The loss is literally shown. The mold has a positive shape but leaves a negative image in the molded part as a void. The final object shows the tension between something you experience as a hole, but the fringes, the memory of what it once was, always remain visible.


A collection of vases that can be transformed into objects to remember our loved ones


Studio Lenneke Wispelwey

I’m (Studio) Lenneke Wispelwey, a productdesigner with a big love for porcelain. My pastel colored products with geometric patterns are the result of a very low-tech way of designing. Based on cut and pressed glass that already mesmerized me as a child in my grandmothers kitchen cabinet. That’s why my designs look so complex but originate from a simple approach to techniques and materials.