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Textility, close-up wall carpet
Mieke Lucia


Wall carpets and acoustic designs.

Fri 25 oct at Plan-B | Plan-B

Textile - Tactility: Textility is about bringing more textiles in to our interiors.
Mieke Lucia is presenting new colorful and bold designs that are enhancing acoustics and made to stand out.

Studio Mieke Lucia is showing a collection of hand tufted wall carpets made in collaboration with Tarkett.
Tarkett is a global flooring company with large-scale productions. Mieke Lucia is working with leftover capacity from big carpet orders. She uses this semi-manufactured product as a canvas for her wall carpets and transforms them by using hand tufting tools. By experimenting with the tufting technique a new form language arise. Mieke combines craftsmanship and industrial technology in her studio, which results in vibrant and intuitive work.

During Dutch Design Week, Studio Mieke Lucia is also showing work of Growing Textiles. This is a series of acoustics enhancing wall pieces made from a B-quality sheep wool.
This wool is not suitable for the big fashion textile industry but it is a great sound absorber and has got great qualities to work with. These works are custom made in various shape and colors and are handmade in the Arnhem based studio. Are you curious about the possibilities for a custom work? Stop by and say Hi!
Plan-B at Hurksestraat 33.


Studio Mieke Lucia

With a playful approach and a love of textiles and color, Mieke Lucia (1986) explores new paths with an emphasis on acoustic solutions. Mieke creates textile objects for interiors that enhances acoustics and stimulate the imagination.

She combines craftsmanship and industrial technology, resulting in clear bold designs.
"I love to explore a material or a technique with my hands and to react intuitively to my experiences in the process".