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Turkey: More Than Kebab
Photo: Day Studio, Branding: Keten Design

Turkey: More Than Kebab

Exhib-EAT-ion & Dining Experience;
An interactive showcase of Turkish design from cityscape to table.

All week at (H)eerlijk Anders | Hallenweg

Turkish culture in the Netherlands is most commonly depicted via Kebab shops. As chefs, designers and architects we want to showcase the dynamism of Turkish design as it touches the very fabric of society and shapes ideas, environments and interactions, both intimate and public.


The event will feature a series of Turkish designers, from established brands, to the developing talent. The works will include pieces from the designers existing repertoire as well as unique prototypes made specifically for this event. The main exhibition hall will showcase the physical objects, art, graphics and video works from the artists. The products will range from paintings, textiles, ceramics, woodwork, digitally printed models, architectural concept posters and videos.

Kütahya Porselen
Melike Altınışık / Mimmel
Day Studio
Gizem Erbilgin
Ezgi Elvan
Canan Ünal
Aleksandr Karpov / KAD
Begüm Cana Özgür
Büşra Al / Plug Office
Eli Bensusan / Neferka
Merve Karpov / Keten Design
Erhan Vural / Aboutblank
Pirana Film
Özge Çağlayan / Antrepo

Opening hours Exhib-EAT-ion: 11.00-18.00 hrs

Dining Experience:

On 19, 25 and 26 October, the exposition of daytime is translated into an exclusive and unique dinner with food design. On registration via

Kütahya Porselen

Nanopor, Nanokrem ve Corendon.
In this arrangement which consist of Nanopor, Nanokrem and Corendon Series of Kütahya Porselen, different kinds of coloration concepts such as perfection of special CAM technology, randomness of reactive glaze and uniqueness of hand touch are used. It aims to hint beauty of variety of Anatolia.

Melike Altınışık / Mimmel

Mimmel Pebbles and Coaster Collection
MIMMEL was established in 2015 by Melike Altınışık, and operates under the lead of Co-Director Melih Altınışık. 

She expresses her imaginary world within the artisanry territories of handmade parametric Pattern Design & Art via using MIMMEL as a platform to push the boundries of contemporary design. Most of the Design Research presented here are the handmade pattern reflections of a journey into her Imaginary World.

Day Studio

Esnaf is a collection of platters and candleholders inspired by the carts of various street vendors of Istanbul selling. The collection consists of cookie platters in 2 different sizes, platters of a set of 2, candleholders of a set of 2, a candleholder and a candleholder housing 3 candles in bright colors and geometric shapes. Esnaf adds a splash of color to the table decor and great for serving and sharing.

Begüm Cana Özgür

As a result of hands-on experimental design approach, OPTICALS explore the visual potential of the very basic weaving technique of creating vertical lines. Manipulation of this technique yields to a play with vertical lines as the only design element. Inspired by op-art, designer's interpretation of this weaving technique is to create patterns that engage the user with movement and depth.

Handwoven in Turkey by master Anatolian weavers. Material: Anatolian sheep wool.

Canan Ünal

Art with Bird’s-eye View
As a part of our modern city life, minds are bombed with imaginary expressions which create stereotyped, unresponsive and asocial individuals.

In her paintings she criticizes daily life using bird’s-eye view. While the mysterious world of upper view attracts the artist, places of individuals and the relations between their surroundings become important elements.

Apart from the visuality, she attaches importance to offer an analytical approach to her viewers.

Gizem Erbilgin

“MEY’LE” suggests a new social eating experience, considering the scenario of sharing, in which foods are arranged differently and shared easily in a sit-down meal.
The product was designed as a set of plates which includes both serving plate and appetizer plates. This way, the plates occupy less space and the appetizers are gathered in the middle which makes the interaction easier for sharing.

Merve Karpov / Keten Design

Kafa Tası
"Kafatası" is the Turkish word for skull, and a literal translation would be "Head Bowl". The product plays with this literal translation and has two components, "head" and "bowl". The bowl is a perfect round shape that would be useless without the head piece. The head piece, refers to "Sky God" -what ancient Turkish people used to believe- with its sky blue eyes.

Eli Bensusan

Neferka Jewelry Collection
The exhibition offers a selection of Eli Bensusan’s Jewelry Line Neferka, in which every piece is a poetic combination of glamor of metal craftsmanship with a meaningful geometric order.

The form of the pieces follow the logic behind sundials, optical illusions, Fibonacci sequence and other patterns or stories discovered or created by different cultures, emphasizing scientific, philosophical and spiritual inheritances waiting to be discovered within the objects.

ABOUTBLANK architects

Yenikapı Transfer Point and Archeo-Park
This architectural competition entry was a collaborative project between the Turkish office Aboutblank and the Dutch office MVRDV.

The project proposes a dualist public integration approach on a macro urban scale. One is a rigid public transfer sequence in a relationship with unique urban tissues. The other is a more lava-like flexible public platform for the regulation of urban and recreational regeneration in a continuous coastal formation

Aleksandr Karpov / KAD

Rozenburg Research Park
An architectural intervention exploring the possible approach to social, environmental and economic problems facing humanity. Developed from a focus on expediting research, knowledge and social interactions, this radical proposal presents a vision for an actionable future.

Ozan Özdilek

Author/s: Ozan Özdilek (director) , Turan Altıntaş (sound design) , Buşra Al (producer)
A spectacle about an abstract urban fabric that tells the visual story of a flow represented as life itself. Flow of life is manipulated by buildings and fragmented into pieces like streets, squares, and obscure urban voids. As a manifestation of urban life, liquid particles create novel territories that grow and breath on the ultimate surface.

Ezgi Elvan

White Plateau
White Plateau is a dining experience design by Ezgi Elvan. It reevaluates fine dining objects with an updated research on their usability.

It showcases three projects:

Maranda, the cotton placemats that function as cocktail napkins with their longly designed tails,

Yuva, a minimalistic product set of napkin rings which double as flatware rest between courses,


Mevlana, the gold plated flower sculptures that serve as centerpieces.

Pirana Film

Turkey: Bird's Eye View
Highlights from all 81 cities in Turkey are recorded from above with drones, in collaboration with Republic of Turkey, Culture and Tourism Ministry and edited specially for Dutch Design Week.

Özge Çağlayan / Antrepo

Yer'yüzü - Tepe-Su | Landscape - Hill-Water
Inspired by the landscape and the harmony of wood's organic form of flow, *Yer’yüzü – Landscape* series turns the essence of the material into shape. Every design in the series returns to the place where it comes from, to the zero points, to the earth.

Özge Çağlayan appeals to the lifestyle of the day with of the day with a simple form both by respecting the past of the material and sticking to the idea of responsible design and production of the future.

KookSchoolKunsten i.s.m. Pure Food & Pure Taste

A collaboration between chefs, designers and architects to showcase contemporary Turkish design.
Hosted by KookSchoolKunsten, organized by Pure Food & Pure Taste and (H)EERLIJK ANDERS, KAD, Keten Design and over 15 Turkish designers.