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50/50 - Thank you!
Peter Cox


All week at HeyHeydeHaas | Hallenweg

50/50 is an enormous 'coin track'. It consists of 80 meters of custom made clear, recycled acrylic track and it serves just one purpose: to transport 50 cent coins from one point to another.

Early 2018 HeyHeydeHaas was contacted by museum Kunsthal Kade (Amersfoort, Netherlands) and asked if the team was up for a challenge: to build a large scale 'balance themed' installation as part of an upcoming exhibition. Of course, our answer was yes: we're always interested if it's difficult and we haven't done it before.
To keep with the theme of balance and make our (working)lives a little harder than necessary, we decided to design and build a track that could transport coins upright, rolling down a winding trail.

Because we envisioned the installation to be practically invisible we decided to construct the immense installation completely out of clear acrylic (resulting in the least Instagrammable art work of this time). This way, the focus is fully on the single coin a visitor drops in the track.

Over 2.000 people enjoyed a zen-moment with 50/50 after dropping a coin into the installation. Since it's meant to be played with we decided to share the experience once again in Eindhoven, in the comfort of our own designstudio.

The entrance is free. Participation 50ct.



In the past couple of years creative agency HeyHeydeHaas made a name for themselves with works that span all forms of identity. HeyHeydeHaas operates in both digital and the physical realm, creating one of a kind brand identities, campaigns, websites, exhibitions and the occasional installation. Ever since we build our first Rube Goldberg installation Melvin the Machine, we try to create at least one of those contraptions every year; usually for big brand clients, sometimes just for ourselves.