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The New Newsroom

The New Newsroom

All week in MU by MU
This event is open for the public.

News apps, videos, podcasts, Twitter feeds, VR: we’ve come a long way since the days of the town crier or the printed press. Submerged in media, we have numerous ways to generate and share stories – literally atour fingertips. So how can we use the power of digital technology, big data, artificial intelligence and social media to create exciting, meaningful content? And how do we engage with the news on a personal level?

To find out, enter The New Newsroom where journalists, technologists, artists and designers investigate innovative formats, analyse the news and present their findings in stimulating visuals and installations. Experience the thin line between journalism and design in the buzzing newsroom set up within the exhibition and make the headlines yourself. Fake, factual, frivolous, fresh, far­-reaching and profound: from 12 October to 11 November, 2018, MU explores the future of news.

MU is an explorative presentation platform that operates in a rich international network of creatives who define the liminal space between ‘what art is and what art can be’.


MU initiates, produces and presents rather new works, and surrounds it with an extensive and interdisciplinary secondary program targeted to a broad and rather young audience.  MU prioritises introduction to, understanding of, elaboration on, and experiencing hands-on creation, of art. MU is curious for talent, and challenges talents to be curious. MU provides a platform for artistic research, and development of artists and designers, and helps them to profile themselves internationally.


MU is located in a former Philips factory at Strijp-S in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Website: http://www.mu.nl
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