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BOKKEN BAR | Food Design

All week in Ontwerpstudio Annelies Hermsen by Ontwerpstudio Annelies Hermsen
This event is open for the public.

Did you have a taste of Annelies' Billy Goat Bone Broth last year? During DDW 2017 Annelies Hermsen opened her brand new food workshop at Strijp-R. There she presented the Bone Broth, which she developed in 2017 as an experiment. More than 2500 guests tasted and judged. And voted ‘yes’!Last year Annelies refined theBilly Goat Bone Brothwith the feedback from last years’ tasters. She reduced the salt and used more biological main ingredients. This new recipe was even rewarded with the Sustainability Award at the Amsterdam Food Pitch. And after the practical organization, like production and logistics, the time has come: TheBilly Goat Bone Brothwill soon be available in Dutch stores.

Billy Goat Bone Broth Bar

Longing for a shot of new energy during the busy DDW? Come and taste the Bone Broth; "Pure" or in the variant "Billy Goat-mushroom" or "Billy Goat-pumpkin". The best sausage makers of the Netherlands, Brandt & Levie, process the meat of Annelies' Billy Goats in their sausages. Off course you can also try these in theBilly Goat Bone BrothBar.

Concept. Process. Product.

Are you curious what a process from concept to product, looks like? Curious about what a food designer does, develops and prepares? Stop by at Annelies, around the corner from Piet Hein Eek. She will gladly tell you everything about her work, inspiration and assignments; from recipes for the Avocado Show to concept development for Verstegen and curating for Food Inspiration Days to her own champagne import company and label ‘Bruisend’.

Annelies’Billy Goat Bone Brothis realized with support of Maison van den Boer and supplier De BokkenBunker.

I combine the culinary knowledge my father taught me with my education as a designer. As a food designer, I look at the world of food and drinks with different eyes. And with my designs I like to stimulate all the senses.


I mainly work with and on behalf of companies that have a link with the catering, gastronomy and / or food industry. I approach projects from a creative and culinary perspective, taking a critical look at the client's wishes in order to reach an innovative and tasty result.

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