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ZemÄ› Atelier/ Abstrakte Komposition
Based on/ Abstrakte Komposition by El Lissitzky


Virtual renderings rooted in excellent artworks.

All week at Area 51 | Strijp-S

ZemÄ› Atelier is a collection of carefully made 3D images based on excellent artworks of painters and designers, mostly from the beginning of 20th century. Artworks are given another dimension and settlement, showing multiple-layered nature of seeing and experiencing.

ZemÄ› Atelier was conceived with an aim to deepen the understanding of art by using modern technology. Renderings present paintings in another way, artworks consisting of geometric stains. Each brush stroke becomes a plan filled with colorful masses, that can be understood in countless manners. Each of them trying to escape its flat nature by becoming three-dimensional.
Presented artworks are based on paintings of artists such El Lissitzky or Kazimir Malevich, representatives of Suprematism art movement from the beginning of 20th century focusing on geometric forms. Many of those artworks are still relevant and manage to inspire contemporary creators.
Redefining this heritage gives an opportunity to explore artist’s intentions in yet another way.

Area 51

Země Atelier is a one-man project. My name is Anna Mańka and I am a young polish architect passionate about combination of art and technology. I started Zeme Atelier project at the beginning of this year. What interests me the most are relations of spaces, ways they can appear in physical and virtual forms