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Revealing glass foam through everyday objects.

All week at Yksi Expo | Strijp-S

By recycling glass and egg shells, Steven Akoun is exploring glass foam through everyday objects.

Glass foam was initially hidden inside buildings for wall insulation, but French-American designer Steven Akoun decided to reveal this material by developing everyday objects that take advantage of its amazing properties. Glass foam is a sustainable material, composed of recycled glass and a mineral foaming agent. Steven discovered it during a visit of the glass and ceramics department of the University of Rennes 1 and he was struck by its volcanic appearance.

As part of the cultural exchange program between the city of Paris and the city of Amsterdam called Paris-Amsterdam Rendez-vous, the designer developed his glass foam project by working with local partners and by using recycled materials like glass bottles and egg shells. With his research on the properties and possible uses of glass foam, Steven produced useful everyday objects such as light diffusing lamps and acoustic wall tiles inspired by Amsterdam’s brick paving.

Steven Akoun

French-American designer Steven Akoun strives towards an experimental design approach that blurs the boundaries between science and design. New materials and processes are becoming more and more critical in the realm of industrial design. The designer’s passion for these challenges has enabled him to create thought provoking, sustainable and radical objects.

Paris-Amsterdam Rendez-vous cultural program

Under the name ‘Paris-Amsterdam Rendez-Vous’, Amsterdam and Paris will celebrate their cultural ties in 2019. Over 50 cultural activities will take place in each city. Paris-Amsterdam Rendez-Vous is a collaboration between the Amsterdam City Council, the city of Paris and the Institut Français. The initiative is supported by the Dutch embassy in Paris, the French embassy in The Hague, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, the Dutch Foundation for Literature and amsterdam&partners.