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Driving Dutch Design

All week at Blok 63-S | Strijp-S By ABN AMRO, BNO, DDF

Driving Dutch Design (DDD) is known as the catalyst for talented, creative entrepreneurs.Every year, Katja Lucas (Program Manager Dutch Design Week) and Marsha Simon (Project Manager BNO) select ± 20 studios in December that take an intensive professionalization course for 10 months.Every third Thursday of the month, Drivers follow masterclasses in the field of profiling, financing, management, presentation, and communication.In addition, the designers develop personally with an ABN AMRO coach.In Bureau DDD they are joining forces from April to present the end result in October at Dutch Design Week both collectively and individually in an exhibition, the 'Drivers Pitch event' and a publication. Driving Dutch Design masterclass program by ABN AMRO, Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers (BNO) and Dutch Design Foundation (DDF)

What’s in it for you?The added value of design

Driving Dutch Design is a masterclass program of ABN AMRO, Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers (BNO) and Dutch Design Foundation (DDF). It helps talented designers to professionalise their company within the world of entrepreneurship. Recently graduated, operating independently for five years or resigned from a stable employment to start a business of their own. As drivers, we are constantly looking to move forward, with a discerning eye. We share an ambition to professionalise our businesses, and to place our companies firmly on the map.

‘Doesness' was chosen as the byword for Driving Dutch Design 2018. As drivers, we will not only reveal our identity as designers, but also the possibilities our designs can open up. So: 'What's in it for you?'

Thanks to Driving Dutch Design, the partners, the masters, and sponsors, we present ourselves with a sense of pride – and, on behalf of the initiators ABN AMRO, BNO and DDF, we invite you to find out what design can do for you. So, come discover the value of design!

Roza Schous - Photographer

Roza is a photographer specialized in product and interior photography, but won’t back down for a beautiful portrait either. Out of love for art and design she started a platform named Nieuwkomers, focussed on putting young designers and artists from Rotterdam in the spotlight through photography.

Fransje Gimbrère - Art Direction & Design

Fransje manipulates materials, images, and shapes to show surprising possibilities and new interpretations. She is a designer and art director that creates the remarkable. She plays with perception, identity, and visual presentation to stimulate our imagination. Challenging our view by adding a wink towards seriousness or a raw edge in every design.

Wisse Trooster - Creative Agency & Studio

Wisse Trooster sees surprising possibilities and converts these into strong concepts, products or services, often with a durable touch. He observes, analyses and makes connections to make people look at the world in a different way. Wisse is the guy you need to create opportunities together. Not only does he have his own studio and collections, he also collects and shares almost everything that has to do with Dutch Design on his Instagram account @wisse_design.

Meike Fleskens - Concept & Content Designer

Meike Fleskens creates your image. She makes concepts and content that combine ideas into inspiring images, just like you need.
With the help of her visual model, she communicates a story in a surprising and convincing way. Preferably with a sustainable and ethical touch. Subsequently, she handles the styling of final campaigns and editorial pieces, and ensures that her clients are presented in the best way possible.

Mies Loogman - Filtering Complexity

Mies Loogman unfolds complex content with her brand ‘enlightens’. As analytic as she is, Mies loves to dive into topics and filter out the parts needed to create a story understandable for everyone. The way it’s communicated and realized is what defines her company.
Universities, governments, museums, and companies use these strategic designs to communicate their content and keep our society up to date. It’s not about convincing but empowering to form their own opinion.

Selma Hamstra - Product Design & Glassblowing

When you want to experiment with glassblowing, Studio Selma Hamstra is the place to be. Based in Rotterdam she has an experimental workshop where craftsmen and designers work alongside with each other.

Experiments that are usually too riskful find their spot in her self made glassoven. Selma is a dreamer fascinated by the limits of materials, she looks for the borders and than stretches them just a bit further o give craftsmanship renewed value.

Julia van Leeuwen - Illustrator

Julia van Leeuwen draws attention. Whatever the company, product or service is, Julia believes that everyone can use her illustrations.

She designs advertising, patterns, products, posters and portraits. Not to forget that live drawing is also one of her specialties. This girlboss takes any story or input available and translates and draws it. She draws attention to it. So what are you waiting for?

Studio Doeke - Illustrator & Designer

Studio Doeke gives shape to stories, including yours. Be it commercial or editorial, with his illustrative power you’ve got it covered. His cheerful, humorous and colorful work makes stories accessible and lose their edge, even when it are heavy ones.

Graphic illustrations are not his only thing, his work consists out of various disciplines with storytelling as an overarching theme. Which story do you want to share?

Je Favoriete Ontwerpers - Visual Communication

Je Favoriete Ontwerpers makes your business visual relevant. They keep on surprising with the use of unexpected imagery. By taking everyday things and place them in a bizarre context they reach people in an unexpected way and get the message to last.

In search of visual communication? Be it a website, book design, visual identity or anything else with a graphic touch. Je Favoriete Ontwerpers are the guys you need.

Bouke Bruins - Boyscout Designer

Bouke Bruins is the man behind Boyscout Designer. He designs concepts and installations for public spaces. He initiates a dialogue to improve the use of the public environment and ensures that our public spaces are inviting areas to all who spend time in them.

Every dark urban corner of a metropolis would be the perfect setting for a Boyscout installation. Have you got something on offer?

Studio Tho - Interior & Furniture Design

Studio Tho makes spaces where people want to be. Founded by Marlies Thomassen the company creates interior designs for businesses who value connecting people to their brand. Be it workspaces, bars or restaurants, Marlies Thomassen is the one you want.

She works with clients and the latest software to bring designs to life before the implementation even starts. Together with Studio Tho spaces arise where people feel more involved with your company, enabling them to perform better. So, with Studio Tho, you stick around.

House of Thol - Product Design

House of Thol creates the things we miss. Durable products for a green every day is what Jana Flohr and Thomas Linssen design. When you strive for a sustainable lifestyle that fits your every day, House of Thol makes that happen.

A simpler and greener every day is what they stand for, be it for labels, in collaborations or self-initiated for consumers, with their set of design skills they make whatever they can’t find.

Conform Cox - Illustrator & Conceptual Designer

Conform Cox
Cox Janssens with Conform Cox creates visual education through social engagement and unexpected connections. Through illustrations and by utilizing her mind within her work she makes sure that difficult topics and processes accessible in a playful and humorous way.

When you’re in need of some visual education to make your story clear and start a conversation, Conform Cox is the girl you need.

Dorota Gazy - Designer & design Researcher

Real change starts with awareness and Dorota Gazy makes you realize that. The OHH… Experience. ‘Ohh..’, ‘ohh no!’, ‘oh yes’, ‘ohh really?’. Yes, really it’s Dorota that develops customized concepts with a central focus on experience and physical aspects.

You know why? Because neurologically speaking, our thought processes work differently when we are moving. When you want to achieve change it’s Dorota you need.

Studio Gerjanne van Gink - Healthcare Innovator

Healthcare innovator and product designer Gerjanne van Gink focus on societal issues and future scenarios. She is known for her designs in healthcare, specifically for people with dementia. Like the ADS mirror and Empathy Cup from her Alzheimer Empathy Collection.

Studio Gerjanne van Gink listens, observes and connects, and that helps to make society more inclusive. She directs attention to problems and makes solutions, how could you benefit from a true Studio Gerjanne van Gink solution?

Remortel - Industrial designer

Don’t be surprised to discover a design by Rinke van Remortel in your backpack. Back in 2010 Remortel created the well-known reusable water bottle for Dopper. The bottle represents the three aspects Remortel considers important when designing a product; sustainable design, innovation, and co-creation.

By creating sustainable products that are mass-produced Remortel reaches out to as many people as possible with the message that we can better take care of the world with beautiful products.

Studio Mixtura - Design Alchemist

Design alchemist Daria Biryukova is fascinated by experimenting with waste and secondary raw materials. After doing research on the ingredients she mixes them up in her Studio Mixtura atelier to create new products or materials.

With her work, Daria creates innovative solutions for people and the environment. Being able to make tiles made for 60% of waste materials made her believe in the possibility of a cleaner future. On issue she’d like to tackle is to make plastic packaging disappear from the supermarket. Are you in?

Olasol - Happy Concrete

Olasol is a Dutch brand on a mission: to show the cheerful and colorful side of concrete! Make a fur out of your wall or turn that boring sidewalk into a playful mosaic. Happy Concrete offers new possibilities to give both private and public spaces a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Life is to short to be walking on boring pavements. For centuries concrete is one of the most used materials in the world. After years of researching the aesthetic possibilities of this beautiful material, Happy Concrete launches its first 2 products during the DDW.

Studio Mieke Lucia - Product Designer

With a strong love for colour and textile, Studio Mieke Lucia explores the field of design with a focus on acoustic solutions. Mieke creates sound absorbing interior objects designed to compliment our surroundings. Ad some softness into your work and living space!

Function and aesthetics merge, resulting in handmade, colourful work, designed to compliment our surroundings. She finds it very special that she can amaze others through something she made with so much love.

Staalslagerij - Creator & developer of Physical concepts

Staalslagerij ‘Steel Butchery’, consisting of Jesse Hoeksema, Titus Wybenga, and Joost Dingemans, believes that the ability to touch contributes to an immersive experience.

They believe in ‘design by doing’. Acting, testing and improving is what makes them move ahead in the right way. If you want to stimulate curiosity or connect people: tangible concepts from the Staalslagerij is what you need!

In their lab they create new ideas by combining research, technique, and design. Their design process continuously takes place in between the workshop and the drawing table. This way they help partners and clients to ideas viable or create a new range of possibilities.

We are - Impact Designers

We are foundation fosters collaborative design techniques and enables the collaboration between designers and decision-makers to redesign societal and legal fields. During Driving Dutch Design, they are represented by Bernhard Lenger and Hannah van Luttervelt.

Their eight-member design collective makes new collaborations possible to create a bigger impact. Helping experts to make their complex visions understandable and more accessible to a bigger audience.

Family W - Furniture Design Label

Family W creates the heirlooms of the future; their furniture is timeless, functional, and above all exceptionally well made.

These two Wiersma brothers are hands on. Friso incorporates knowledge he has gained as a shipbuilder, carpenter, and furniture maker in their designs. While Foppe’s business strategies makes sure the products end up in your home, restaurant office or store. Family W is future proof!


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