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Odo by Oikoi

Isola Design District

Unlimited Design – Dutch Edition

Sat 19 oct at Pennings Foundation | Other

Isola Design District is an event dedicated to forward-looking designers, who yearly showcase their works at Milan Design Week.
Now it's taking place also in Eindhoven, with an exhibition dedicated to projects and installations focused on innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship and new materials.

The Isola neighbourhood in Milan has been recently regenerated by new architectures and public parks, but also thanks to an event: Isola Design District. It takes place every year during Milan Design Week, to give visibility to forward-looking designers from all over the world, who can showcase their works within galleries and artisans' workshops.
From Milan to Eindhoven, Isola Design District is a new entry in Dutch Design Week program, hosting 35 hand-picked designers at Pennings Foundation for "Unlimited Design – Dutch Edition".
The exhibition has been curated by Blank, the creative agency behind the event, and takes visitors to a journey between projects and installations focused on innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship and new materials. The aim is to explore design in all its forms, opening the doors to experimentation and contamination of different knowledge and disciplines, going beyond the product and its function.
Expect to: meet award-winning designers and emerging talents; learn what a 3D printing robot can make with plastic waste; find unique experimental materials; experience the augmented reality; buy what you like at the design store!

Algranti LAB

AlgrantiLAB collects all kinds of materials: pallets, gutters, metal sheets, woods chosen for what they could become, so the ledger board, usually used in construction, support and welcome something else; the gutters become deep surfaces, as well as the recovered sheets of aluminum or iron. A shop where materials are observed, with respect, because they remain witnesses of memory over time, where ideas take shape, where solutions for living are found.

Anna Jožová

Each of manually blown crystal vases is created from recycled glass sherds of various colours, forms and dimensions. Thanks to an original affiliation of various sherds and the glowing glass, a special material tension is created not only shown in final decors, but also in a delicately and softly processed structure of the surface.

Atelier Badem

Atelier Badem
Atelier Badem is the independent Amsterdam studio of designer Jana Vukšić. Her background in architectural design and experience in social design come together into the practice of handmade bags. She approaches these as spatial models and volumes. The used materials derive from industrial waste.

Atticus Durnell

That's Caffeine | Recycled Coffee Waste Material
That’s Caffeine is a unique material created from recycled coffee grounds. Its discovered process allows the creation of a range of products and surfaces that offer new and exciting design possibilities for both interior and exterior projects.


The 3D Bar
After the success at the Milan Design Week 2019, Caracol’s “The 3D Bar” flies to the Netherlands. Enjoy a drink surrounded by the organic shapes of the bar: these are conceived through a generative design process and are manufactured thanks to Caracol’s deep knowledge in additive manufacturing technologies and the support of Lavazza, which provided the used coffee capsules for the realisation of the project.

Ciro Bergonzi Studio

Ram Collection
Ciro’s work was born from the desire to create contemporary objects able to assimilate and represent the craftsmanship of the past.
The Ram Collection began as a simple research in the field of computerized three-dimensional modelling.
The research has moved to the development of organic forms and empty spaces, a concept that he really appreciates in architecture, and the union of these with the ergonomic and the ability to create a functional object.

Collin Townsend Velkoff

FOREIGN BODIES | Mission Launch
Humanity’s expanse into the solar systems has grown exponentially and the exploration of alien worlds, comets, and interstellar space is only beginning. Foreign Bodies is a collection of furniture and lighting that is inspired by space exploration and the celestial objects being explored.

Ege Miray Kaman

Molla | Paper Display & Noteholder
Molla is a paper display & noteholder inspired by the modernist movement of iconic ‘Bauhaus’. The object designed for desks & tables on working environments. With the great potential to contain paper products such as cards, notes, brochures and photos, Its playful spring form allows ease of operation.

F Square Studio

Form vs Function
The purpose of design is to achieve maximum functionality while minimizing form. Multi-functionalism is the core idea during the designing process, which is possible through the value-engineering process; by questioning every element, only essential parts in design would be remained to sustain minimal looks.

Fabien Roy Studio

Happy Bees
This project takes place in the context of the decline of the bees. This alternative beehive is targeting users who are looking for a product-focused on the health of the bees. Inspired by tree trunks, the natural bees habitat, the hive is made of expanded granulates cork bound together by its natural resin. This material is an excellent thermal insulator, rotproof and waterproof. A strap system with handle keeps the elements together and allows the manual transport for bees transhumance.

Federica Corona & Juan Torres

Ahi! Chairs
Everyday life and artistic singleness are the main characters of the sitting line Ahi! whose first aim is going towards an aesthetic thought. The three seats want to transmit an important message.
The three seats are obtained from a wooden structure, painted and then covered with a polyurethane sponge with a pyramidal pattern shape.
The idea is to transform a traditional product in versatile furniture as it was a work of art.

Federica Cristaudo

From an experimental point of view the set wants to indicate and underline the alternative possibilities of use, the commission of materials that evolves and resolves itself into a final aspect in balance between the yesterday’s artisan application and the contemporary plastic material. Unique and very light products, aimed at dynamic furnishing.


Lamp/One Colour Edition & 9-Light Chandelier from
Lamp/One Collection features handcrafted decorative lamps realized through sought-after materials: Red Collemandina, Green Alpi and Calacatta marbles, juxtaposed to crystal glass shades and extra-thin Limoges porcelain; respecting and enhancing traditional know-how and craftsmanship excellence.


FOSSIL.IZ represents itself as an innovative patent-pending material that can be applied to design, and is made with up-cycled metal wastes which are added to concrete or transparent materials that are aesthetically satisfying and looks like terrazzo with the highlight of environmental consciousness.
The idea of metal wastes first came up with observation of metal scraps produced in the family factory of the designer, for over 60 years.

Giorgio Funaro

Gravity is a metaphor of the solitude feeling for the contemporary man. Light and sound interact in harmony to design the spectator’s circular and experiential space, which is catapulted into an intimate and serene condition that subsequently turns out to be suffocating: expression of perpetual collective intrinsic malaise in society.


The design of the Güiro collection was inspired by the Latin American percussion instrument used in diverse musical rhytms such as salsa or cumbia. A set of fruitbowl & table made from Huanacastle hardwood and black marble for a contemporary home.

Jake Williamson Designs

Lume is the result from understanding the manufacturing and recycling methods of paper. After undertaking in-depth research and analysis into the material qualities of Paper, Jake developed a batch manufacturing method allowing Lume to take shape. By pulping and pressing recycled paper he was able to develop a series of custom moulds, giving Lume its form. Lume re-imagines the possibilities of paper waste.

João Xará

The pre-blown glass shapes squeezed by clamps demonstrate the action of force in an intuitive and direct way through the materiality and given direction. An interaction of two bodies one of which overpowers.

Keep Life

Keep Life
The brand Keep Life was born in 2017. In the same year, it was licensed and recognised as an industrial invention. Keep Life is a composite material, malleable and self-hardening. It is produced using nutshells, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios and peanuts, to which they add a binder with no toxic substances,solvents and formaldehyde.


Greetings from the city of Belgium
Founded by Klaartje Busselot, kiiv is a Belgium based design studio specialized in textile, product and graphic design. Klaartje’s playful and colorful creations are the result of a combination of art and design. She truly believes in the transformative power of design.
Greetings from the city of Belgium is a collection designed by kiiv for Ora Pro Nobis rugs. The collection is the perfect mix between craftsmanship and playfulness.

Kim André Lange

Pupil is a rotating light installation. It attracts the attention at urban places, where a moment of visual relaxation is needed. The designed moiré effect creates a dreamy motion that reminds of looking in the clouds or watching the slow movement of leaves in the wind. During its 360° cycle, the effect shows many and unexpected faces.


“POP” is a series of unique recycled chrome spheres and glass cylinders in three different sizes. Light is emitted upwards as mirrored light sources prevent glaring and illuminate the entire cut chrome spheres. The black textile cables are equipped with a switch.


Carrie Blanket, Log Bowls, Monsieur DressUp Wallho
They are a collective that combines visual art with craft and functional objects, in a common desire to more beautifully integrate art and life. With experimentation at the forefront, their aesthetic embodies an element of storytelling, with emphasis on simple forms and a dedication to craft and nature.


LUNEdot ENDLESS candle concept
LUNEdot; a strong (Dutch) design in your interior and when you light it, it gives pure real candle light in the evening. LUNEdot is a thing you thought you knew; a reinvention of pure candle light by adding an unique (patented technique) twist. LUNEdot is an unending candle, simple and original yet though and (Dutch) design. Forget the hassle of melting a candle before it stays upright in a candleholder and we help you to never buy another candle that becomes a sad little stump minutes after you

m2kr design

m2kr design collections
Inspired by the principle of metamorphosis, Myriam Kuehne Rauner creates with her label m2kr pieces that are at the edge between design and sculpture.
She has been living in Milan for 20 years and she exhibited the first pieces of her collections in autumn 2017 in a former car workshop which she transformed in the gallery space Angelo della Pergola 1 in the trendy of Isola district in Milan. With her new creation “ DOMUS” she presents a multifunctional and conceptual piece with relation to natur

Mansuo Zhu

Every piece of the collection evolves through a bent piece of metal which is breaking through facial expression. Naughty, stunned, happy, dorky, sleepy... the pieces of jewelry look towards the viewer and show their own sense of humor.

Nataly Rodriguez Design Studio

OTHERWISE is a stool with a particular object as a seat, a ball. They propose another way of sitting and breaking the stereotypes through the furniture. The design & concept make it funny & original. Its ball seat is perfect for sitting, achieving comfort and ergonomic. For bars, amusement & home.

Nikolas Miranda

Interaction and fantasy are humans’ source for creativity.
MAYAMOT and MABUHAY are both asking their users to interact with them.
The single random looking elements come to life as soon as they are brought together into different shapes and forms. Building animals, robots, statues and much more.


Oikoi | Light as material
A new way of designing light through pressed glass. Oikoi presents Ida, Ida Wall and Odo, three types of lamps characterized by a contemporary aesthetic. The textures and finishing on the glass enhance the light and its combination with unexpected materials makes interiors cozy and atmospheric.


Scrollino is the revolutionary rewinding book concept. Its innovative media format offers a playful and brand-new creative experience for kids and adults alike. A pencil is all you need to read and rewind over 2 meters long stories or activities. The Scrollino brand focuses on creating and producing unique Scrollino collections using the original concept ranging from design stationery to illustrated stories, activities, games and much more.


Visible Poems
An installation of five sets designed around the topic of nature and artifice and their relation, offering its contribution to the discussion on climate change through art, design and poetry. Colors, plastic “objets trouvés” from the Mediterranean seaside and natural conglomerates are composed to form a memorable sensory message.

Studio Gilles Werbrouck

Studio Gilles Werbrouck is a high end textile studio creating unique handmade pieces focusing on innovative ways to present knitted textiles in the interior. The creative process, production and finishing of each piece is done by the designer himself in Brussels.

Studio Laf

Designed for indoor purposes, Coda is a handmade and multi-functional lighting product which aims to appeal to the senses and the emotions. The soft and sharp movements of a dance performance has created the products’ solid material and soft shape movement. It is formed by using three different materials together: metal, glass and marble. Focusing on the hard materials in nature which they are suitable to give an inspirational shape.

Williams Darugar Design

Unknown Flying Object
The installation is the result of the collaboration between Marco Williams Fagioli and Hamraz Darugar. The installation fuses various experimental symbols while investigating the mystery of the circle, one of the most important symbols for human beings. A collection of metal wall lamps and pure silver rings, all hand made and unique, dialogue with us through form, material and light.

Yael Akirav

Conductive Origami
A series of lighting fixtures 3D printed directly onto textiles.
Rigid printing on textile allows the creation of complex elements. When the printed material conducts electricity, the intersections that stem from the art of origami present a new opportunity – turning on the light by contracting and stretching the structure.
The conductive filament is also used as the structural skeleton of the lighting fixtures, each with its own unique folding and opening method.

3M Architectural Finishes

3M Architectural Finishes
3M introduces at the Dutch Design Week its Architectural Portfolio. The installation, designed by Paola Coronel, displays a selection of several patterns, among the over 1000 available in the 3M DI-NOC™ family. An innovative self-adhesive material, to restyle interiors and exteriors. Be amazed, on the shopfront of the Pennings Foundation by the 3M Dichroic e-cut giant written and 3M Fasara™ Illumina on pillars.
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Blank ( is a Milan based creative agency, founded by Gabriele Cavallaro and Elif Resitoglu, to support companies and start-ups, communicating their values and their stories through design.
Together with consultancies commissioned by international customers, Blank's team develops also its own projects and events in the design, fashion, real estate and food fields, such us Isola Design District, Milan Design Market and Milan Fashion Club.
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