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Alter Ego

All week at Dynamo | Downtown By Kiki van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk

Alter Ego is a show exhibiting Kiki and Joost’s different talents: sculptors, poets, treasure hunters, composers, social activists, parents, mad professors, painters, bakers, gardeners.
Each persona gives birth to a different project. These characters feed their thoughts and minds, giving them inspiration in different ways; they are new viewpoints they occupy.
Alter Ego also explores the different directions a designer can take; from collaborations with brands, to commissioned works, to self-initiated collectible designs and social projects.
On display are Joost & Kiki’s new collectible designs, textiles for Return to Sender, ‘TIJD’ for Social Label, among others.

As a Renaissance Man, Joost can move between these different alter ego’s fluidly. He transforms from baker to architect, musician to mad scientist, and to a designer sometimes as well. He might wake up as a social activist, move into an abstract sculptor, and end his day as a pizza maker.

During Dutch Design Week, Joost will present the following versions of himself:
- An abstract sculptor, modelling a new range of aluminium, curved and constructed elements
- A composer, creating new tinkering lamps, including a giant suspended version
- A social activist for ‘Social label’, building a clock in solid marble and stone
- A father, interpreting his sons drawings in 3D
- A treasure hunter, turning old gymnastic furniture into a new chairs and tables
- A baker, offering the visitors fresh flatbreads
- A mad professor, testing new inventions
- A painter, giving sketches a whole new dimension

Kiki, too, will present the following versions of herself:
- A gardener, disclosing the beauty of scales, structures and repetition in freeform sculptures
- A poet, translating the poetics of space in a series of objects
- A painter, displaying the freedom of the hand using tufted rug as canvases
- A socialist, fighting for a better future for women, together with ‘Return to Sender’ in textile designs.

Kiki and Joost’s work will also be on show at:
- Kazerne
Kiki’s installation “Softwear”, wall-hangings for Google
Kiki’s textile designs for Kazerne LAB
Joosts outdoor Kitchen design for Kazerne LAB
- Piet Hein Eek

Joost new design for Social Label

Kiki van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk