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Design Research & Innovation Festival

in Natlab by CLICKNL
A different price applies for this event (50 per day / students € 25 per day). This is due to the exclusivity of the event. Get ticket here.

The annual Design Research & Innovation Festival is coming up again! On Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th of October, DRIVE will take over the Natlab in Eindhoven.


As always, DRIVE will serve you state-of-the-art research and innovations, developments and designs that will give you a glimpse of the possible future. Get updated on topics such as the future of healthcare, circular design, things as citizens, VR in heritage, living materials and much more. With a programme consisting of over 36(!) interactive sessions to pick from, DRIVE is the perfect place for creative professionals and researchers who are looking for inspiration and connection.


This yearsocietal challenges, as defined in our Knowledge & Innovation Agenda, are at the heart of DRIVE. What happens within research in the creative industry, when we look at the inclusive society, the circular economy and health and wellbeing, for example?

On Wednesday, it's all about Healthy Behaviour, Resilience in Society, Human Empowerment and Personal Experience. Get ready for some wonderful talks on eHealth or designing with future technologies, or for workshops concerning paradoxical thinking. On Thursday, all eyes will be on the Circular Society and Energy & Behaviour. Think about circular design for buildings and the history and future of sustainable design, user involvement in sustainable renovation and showcases of smart energy solutions.


Surf to www.clicknl.nl/DRIVE


The creative industry strengthens the innovation capacity of the Netherlands. With its innovation and imaginative power, the sector is an indispensable link in generating answers to major societal issues and in offering a meaningful interpretation to new technological possibilities.


CLICKNL, part of the policy of the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, stands for connecting research and the creative industry. By increasing the knowledge base of the creative professional, we strengthen the innovative capacity of not only the sector, but the Netherlands. We do so by developing a national knowledge and innovation agenda for the creative industries, but also by supporting field labs, having funding possibility for R&D, organising big and small events and keeping our community up to date on important possibilities, news and events. Want to meet us? Our biggest public event is DRIVE: the Design Research & Innovation Festival in October, during the Dutch Design Week. 

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