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Nick Ervink - Nesurak

Manifestations - Superpowers

Technology gives humans Superpowers. The sky is the limit when designing our bodies, earth and our minds.

All week at Veem | Floor 9 | Strijp-S

Robots, e-fashion en wearables, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Innovative names and Young Talents, the best of recent graduates of Dutch Art Academies. The newest fashion and wearables, botox, human mutations, Post apocalyptic design and more..

Manifestations is a 6000m2, Free entrance, festival of Art, Technology and Fun. We need Fun in our current world, where fear rules, to show people what is going on. Which role do we want technology to have in the future? Will the Future Design Us? Visit our website for the complete overview and program of kids - workshops, lectures and meet-ups. Supported by the Mondriaan Funds, Stimuleringsfunds, Cultuur Eindhoven, VSB funds, BrabantC and others.
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Nick Ervink - Nesurak

Nick Ervinck creates huge installations, sculptures, prints, work drawings and animated films. For several years he participated in many individual projects and group shows. Recently he showed work at Ars Electronica Linz, CBK Emmen, Beelden aan Zee Den Haag, Bozar Brussels and LABoral Gijon, Superstories Hasselt and Telic Art Exchange Los Angeles/Berlin.

Danielle Ooms - TU/e - Apple-based Material

Apple-based Material
Apple-based Material

Hoe creeëren we duurzame en circulaire mode? Biologisch afbreekbaar van een op appels gebaseerd materiaal; vergelijkbaar met leer, maar zonder een schadelijke impact op de natuur. De bedoeling is om de wens te laten groeien voor de esthetiek en het gevoel van het materiaal en kledingstuk, met als een voordeel geen milieu-impact.

Young Talent: graduate 2019 TU/e Technische Universiteit Eindhoven – student van Marina Toeters (TU/e & HKU)

Ismay Schaduw - WDKA - Kogelvrije Vesten

Kogelvrije Vesten
Kogelvrije vesten voor zwangere vrouwen.

Onderwerp; de gender gab, Om diverse redenen zijn er voor veel oplossingen geen ontwerpen specifiek voor vrouwen gemaakt zoals crash test dummies, maar ook kogelvrije vesten. Ismay ontwerpt een kogelvrijst voor zwangere vrouwen om zo een discussie te willen veroorzaken in de maatschappij over dit onderwerp.
Het uiteindelijke resultaat is een 3-tal kogelvrije vesten en een korte film,

Young Talent: graduate 2019 Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam

Ana Oosting - KABK - Kinetic Folded Sculpture

Kinetic Folded Sculpture
For Tomopteris Micans Ana has investigated the material agency of paper by folding tessellations. Out of these simple folds rich movements can emerge which she actuates with mechanical mechanisms. The shapes and reflective patterns resembling bioluminescence find their origin in her fascination with plankton.
ArtScience Masters Award KABK

Dirk Vaessen - ArtEZ - Brave Hendrik

Brave Hendrik
I believe people can have a much more fluid character than merely being categorised as male or female. My designs allow people to explore who or what they can be, and this takes courage. To emphasize the theatrical aspect of my accessories I use monumental forms with distinct silhouettes.

This work is nominated for the Sioux and GBO Manifestations Young Talent Award: graduate 2019 ArtEZ Arnhem

Ingmar Schroder - HKU - An Umbreliable Prophecy

An Umbreliable Prophecy
So, I took the umbrella, to me a symbol of weather and climate, and asked myself the question what the future role of this product should be. Climate change is a fact, but we don’t know in which way. So I created a concept about some of these predictions and reshaped it into a climate adaptive umbrella. I believe that we should embrace climate change and use it as a design tool, Because I believe that the best things come from an inexaustible source.

Teddy Kamper - HKU - I Have Something To Hide

I Have Something To Hide
I have designed a collection to confuse electronic eyes. More and more security cameras appear in the streets, while we have no idea who is looking at the images and what happens to them can happen. I am afraid of a police state There are permanent and absolute control over civilians, with every error recorded. Privacy then no longer exists.

Tamar Yogev - Minerva Academie Groningen - The Veggie Project

The Veggie Project
Tamar Yogev is an interdisciplinary designer based in Groningen, inspired by vegetables and textures. She create decorative elements for the food service industry (bars, restaurants, hotels, venues, etc.) such as dishes, tiles and lighting features.

Nominated for the Manifestations Young Talent Award: graduate 2019 Minerva, Groningen

Marsha Wichers - KABK Den Haag - Project Face Design

Project Face Design
Before Botox – After Botox
Project Face Design is a research project started by Marsha Wichers, Designer-Artist and Cosmetic doctor. The project deals with the effect that facial enhancement may have on the human condition. She used facial emotion reading software (a form of Artificial Intelligence) to reveal the effect of Botox on our non-verbal communication.

Grete-Karmen Jaakson, Marina Toeters, Loe Feijs TU/e - "Biophilia": Infinite Re-usable Knitwear

Modified Mandelbrot Pattern Dress
Modified Mandelbrot sets where transferred on textiles. Several of the lemniscates are taken to act as hem lines and sewing lines, notably for constructing the sleeves. We aimed aimed for an extreme silhouette. This became clearly visible in the huge sleeve shapes.

C H L O E S E V E R I E N - WDKA Rotterdam - "Biophilia": Infinite Re-usable Knitwear

"Biophilia": Infinite Re-usable Knitwear
A new system based on knitwear and re-usable rPET yarn. This can help reduce the ecological footprint of the Fashion Industry. This system consists of two key elements: the yarn and knitwear. The yarn is made from recycled PET bottles, extremely strong, colourful and shiny. Normally it’s used to reinforce car tires. Knitwear is one yarn that loops together. It’s easy to unravel by pulling at the yarns end. A new piece of clothing can be knitted straight away. Infinite Re-usable Knitwear.

Ningli Zhu - St Joost Academie Den Bosch - Face to Face

Face to Face
A self-reflective video essay, which narrates the social-psychological influence and intimate connections between Digital Interaction (biotechnology) and Users (human) in a personal case, as well as the relationships between "self" and "others", "human" and "machine", "inner space" and "outside space". The final video installation applies real-time facial expression sensors for the audience to play.

Nominated for the Manifestations Young Talent Award: graduate 2019 Master Institute St Joost

Pascale Theron Studio - Design Academy Eindhoven - Feathered Fabrics

Feathered Fabrics
The ostrich feather was once a highly valued commodity during the 19th Century, as woman sought out big plumes to decorate their flamboyant hats, but since then, the feather has fallen from grace. I aim to enhance the value of the ostrich feather, a very specialized product coming from the 150 year old ostrich feather industry in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. I hope to go beyond the aesthetic and decorative and rather return it to its former glory in a more integrated and practical way.

Tom Bergman - oud Philips - Recharge your SuperPower

Recharge your SuperPower
Your SuperPower, your brain, runs the risk of a burnout. Mental restoration is necessary at a regular basis, like a walk in nature. You are invited to take your first steps in an artificial environment that is as calming and fascinating as the real thing and see if it can restore your own SuperPower.

Malou Franken - WDKA Rotterdam - SPREAT – ‘Food allergy is not a game’

SPREAT – ‘Food allergy is not a game’
Food allergy is a serious problem and is more complex then people often think. Malou Franken, graduated this summer at the Willem de Kooning Academy (Lifestyle Transformation Design) came with a innovative solution: a spray that makes peanut traces in food blue to take away the fear of the consumer for getting a serious allergic reaction.

Nominated for the Manifestations Young Talent Award: graduate 2019 WDKA Rotterdam

Jim Brady (Post Neon) & Ward Goes (Studio Ward Goes) Immersive Journalism - from news reporting to news experiences

from news reporting to news experiences
In their research designers Jim Brady and Ward Goes investigate Immersive journalism; a type of journalism that relies on ‘experience’ rather than ‘report’. Its premise: VR news reporting allows audiences to immerse in news events themselves, thus changing the approach to objectivity and empathy.

A project of TU/e innovations space. This project is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL and Stichting Stokroos.

Pia-Marie Stute and Katja Trinkwalder - Köln International School of Design, BA Integrated Design - Accessories for the Paranoid

Accessories for the Paranoid
The "Accessories for the Paranoid" explore an alternative approach to data security. As our physical environment reads, collects and stores an increasing amount of user information, this series of parasitic objects are designed to produce fake data. Through blurring our digital profiles, our true data identities get to hide behind a veil of fictive information.

Daphne Hobbelen - Blue Lines Project & PIECES

Blue Lines Project & PIECES
Blue Lines Project
Daphne Hobbelen

Michael Ang - City Refl3ctor

City Refl3ctor
City Refl3ctor is a handheld device that merges your reflection with that of another person, creating a moment of shared identity in public space.

IMPAKT presents: Xin Liu - Masque  Interactive wearable technology

Masque  Interactive wearable technology
Masque is an interactive wearable and psychoacoustic system that manipulates the user’s perception of their own respiration by providing false auditory feedback. When you put the Masque on, you will hear synchronized respiration sounds as your own and will react naturally to the synthetic body signals.

IMPAKT Festival 2019 - in Utrecht from Wednesday 30 October to Sunday 3 November.

Matthijs Geurds - AKI ArtEZ Enschede

Post Apocalypse
Post apocalyptic art installation. Our society has imploded 
#vulnerable #worldpowers  

Nominated for the Manifestations Young Talent Award: graduate 2019 AKI ArtEZ

Reinout Scheepers - AKI ArtEZ Enschede

Circulux is an immersive visual experience that explores a new dimension in pixel lighting systems. 6,000 programmable LED's configured in a custom built semi-transparent rig work together to deliver an intense 360 degree experience. For more information and projects please visit

Nominated for the Manifestations Young Talent Award: graduate 2019 AKI ArtEZ

Timothy Scholte

Become a Mary-Ann, Change you Body for Desire
Superheroes, comicbook heroes, get more identity troubles: how can they be the good guys when everthing about them becomes dubious?

A Marie-Antoinette crinoline with elements from the motorcycle world: "though, male soclal attributes"
Mary-Anns were male prostitues who transformed into women, to minimize the chances of being prosecutedfor homosexuality

A mix of the macho culture of superheroes and the opposite: the female, naked and vulnerable.

'Become a Mary-Ann, Change Your Body for Desire'

Niki Efstratiou - TU/e

to connect blind people more with art and culture: special tours for blinds and blind maps made by this Industrial Design graduate of the TU/e

Joaquin Fargas - Robotika, The Nannybot

Robotika, The Nannybot
Robotika, The Nannybot is an Artificially Intelligent robot whose duty is to take care of the baby to preserve the human race.
Are we, human beings, able to guarantee the survival of our species?
Are we willing to delegate the preservation of the Human Species to AI?

Design and realization: Elia Gasparolo

IMPAKT presents: Melanie Bonajo - Progress vs Sunsets

Progress vs Sunsets
Bonajo’s film investigates how our relationship to nature has changed through the popularization of amateur nature footage on the Internet. By interviewing children about our current state of the planet the film addresses issues around bio-politics but also the systematic discrimination of young people.

The IMPAKT Festival 2019 (Utrecht, 30 Oct - 3 Nov) and the festival exhibition The Sound of One Hand Clapping question the future of the interface.

IMPAKT presents: Simon Dogger

IMPAKT presents: Simon Dogger
Simon Dogger is a designer with a whole new point of view. During his studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven he lost his sight and was forced to take a long break. He returned as a non-visual designer, with a renewed ability to listen and feel, and a strong drive to regain his independence. Not seeing himself as handicapped, but as someone who takes in information differently, he set out to explore more inclusive forms of communication.

IMPAKT Festival 2019 - in Utrecht 30 Oct - 3 Nov

IMPAKT presents: Interactive Architecture Lab - Sarotis

Interactive Architecture Lab - Sarotis
Sarotis is a soft wearable, with fluidic hydrogel interfaces, designed to study whether a person’s awareness of space could be amplified by 3D scanning technologies.

IMPAKT Festival 2019 - in Utrecht from Wednesday 30 October to Sunday 3 November.

The IMPAKT Festival 2019 questions the future of the interface. The festival exhibition The Sound of
One Hand Clapping will present a variety of works that interrogates the influence that the interfaces
of the future will have on our life.

IMPAKT presents: Joana Moll - The Hidden Life of an Amazon User

The Hidden Life of an Amazon User
The Hidden Life of an Amazon User confronts us with the environmental footprint caused by buying a book on Up to 87.33Mb of information is activated to go through the 12 pages when buying a book, all used for tracking customer behaviour to increase business revenues.

IMPAKT Festival 2019 - in Utrecht from Wednesday 30 October to Sunday 3 November.

IMPAKT presents: Ivan Abreu - Perpetual Patience Machine

Perpetual Patience Machine
Ortesis are a series of wearable kinetic sculptures to compel the user to adopt certain behaviours. Perpetual Patience Machine forces the user’s hand into a repetitive motion reminiscent of robotic labor. The incessant ticking of finger against surface, a ‘clicking’ motion, speaks to cognitive labour.

IMPAKT Festival 2019 - in Utrecht from Wednesday 30 October to Sunday 3 November.

The IMPAKT Festival 2019 questions the future of the interface.

Etsuku Ichihara - Digital Shaman project

Digital Shaman project
The “Digital Shaman Project” revolves around robots for domestic use wearing 3D-printed faces of deceased people, and manipulated with specially developed programs to imitate those people’s speech, behavior and other physical characteristics. The idea behind this is to propose a new form of funeral in which robots spend 49 days after a person’s death with the members of his or her family (49 days is according to Buddist faith the time spirits need to enter a new life).

Frits Achten

Frits Achten
Superpowers and Mother Nature, who is the boss? Dauglas Hostader: ‘It turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind the façade of order. And yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order. There are forms of order among a lot of confusion and a many forms of confusion within order’.

Nature’s greatest, and lest understood, paradox is that she is both ordered and chaotic. This paradox determines the evolution of my sculptures and every process in human society.

Marie & Arvid

Full Body Smart Automatic Manipulator
We touch our technologies but how often do they touch us back? ‘Full Body Smart Automatic Manipulator’ begins at the moment of impact between a smart massage chair and its human client. Using speech and tactility as an uncharted medium for interaction, the chair tells us about our irrational needs for control and commercialisation of intelligence.


Cosmic Sleep
Cosmic sleep creates a non-human centred multisensory storytelling experience. which engages touch, sound and smell. Covered under a ‘blanket’ of cooling/heating elements, you experience the journey of comet 67p/Churyumov-Gerasimenko travelling through our solar system. During this 4 minutes journey the visitor experiences the extreme temperature changes occurring in space travel from the outer regions till its close fly-by around our sun.


BioFLeXo - BioBotic Flexible Exoskeleton
Flexible Exoskeleton. Made from oxygen algae based fabric, this inflatable, breathing coach is a closed loop, sustainable soft robotic. The BioBotic is a concept to grow and design organic materials for the space travel.

Ricky van Broekhoven

Mitosis Proto_2
Mitosis is part of the cell cycle where replicated chromosomes are separated becoming a new microscopic building block. Inspired by this phenomenon Ricky van Broekhoven combines technology and science in Mitosis Proto_2 to bring the ephemeral character of light to life in it’s full color spectrum.
A TU/e Innovation space project

Anne Deborah Bakker, ADB Sfeermakers

Power of Positivity
Homeless people are often not respected. Police officer William and Social Designer wanted to change this.
Using an open-minded approach, creative resources and good cooperation, the couple discovered the superpower of these people.
Also visit the embassee of Safety on the Ketelhuisplein (square in front) on From the Police with Love project.

Kunstacademie Maastricht/Zuyd

Power to Craft
"Power to Craft ', a selection of works and processes in which we demonstrate the potential of craft and technology within various future applications.

Floris Kolvenbach

The Zebra View
Pink Floyd was his opening-act, he played at the first Pinkpop. In 1984 he presented a robot art installation with lasers in the Vleeshal in Middelburg, we are talking about Floris Kolvenbach, he is coming to Manifestations with a new robot installation, be prepared...

The Zebra View is a Part of the video opera Eternal Movement  that composer Floris Kolvenbach presents as installation. 
According to the Zebra this world is in its end phase and animals will no longer exist. .

Adem Elahel

What to do against mass surveillance? Do we have to walk in masques, or can we be more fashionable? Adem Elahel from Belgium does it.

Agnes van Dijk

nominated for the Eindhoven Cultuurprijs
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