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Daily Tractor

All week in Plan-B by Floris Hovers Ontwerpen
This event is open for the public.

Daily Tractor

A simple daily ode to the tractor that deals with working, creating, perseverance, fascination, color, form and intuition.

Like keeping a diary, Hovers makes a tractor every day. According to him, the tractor is one of the most important machines ever developed.

He produces a model of waste and residual material from his own production, things he finds and collects.

About an hour a day he devotes to this and starts without a plan and just let it happen, beautiful or not beautiful, good or not good, it is what it is.

it challenges him every day to come to a new insight within a given fact.

During the DDW he shows almost all models that he has made so far.

Floris Hovers Ontwerpen

The work of Floris Hovers is very diverse and surprising because of the disarming simplicity. No abstract minimalism, but the end result of a long process of reduction and perseverance.

What remains is the essence, an almost cartoonish composition of form, construction and color.

Color is very important and is an integral part of every design, the finishing touch.


With his autonomous work, prototypes, miniatures and (product) designs for the industry, Floris Hovers invites you always in his almost perfectly simple world where there is plenty of room for your own imagination as an observer.

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